Award Winning Woolworths Gold

I’ve been a fan of the Woolworths Gold range of products for a while, well actually ever since I became infatuated with the champagne chocolate truffles they brought out at Christmas a few years back.

Well this year Woolworths Gold have scored not one, but two wins in the 2015 Product of the Year Awards.

Woolworths Gold Angus Beef Burger

The Gold Fresh Tasmanian Smoked Salmon took out the honour in the Premium Deli Category and the Gold Angus Beef Burger with Caramelised Onion and Gold Wagyu Burger won in the Fresh Meat category.

Woolworths Gold Wagyu Beef Burger


So burger night was pretty special at our house last week. The patties are delicious and the kids loved them. No word of a lie, one of my kids actually said “Can we have this dinner again next week?”. You see our burger nights are usually bacon and egg rolls (our easy night meal) so to have a juicy wagyu beef burger was a bit of a treat.

The whole family love sushi rolls and we’ve been making them at home. The Woolworths Gold Tasmanian Smoked Salmon made our rolls a little bit gourmet. This salmon has a really nice flavour (I’ve been having it with eggs and spinach for breaky too) and it’s one of the nicer smoked salmon’s I have had.

Woolworths Gold Tasmanian Smoked Salmon

About the winning products:

Gold Fresh Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Winning in the Premium Deli category, Woolworths Gold Fresh Tasmanian Smoked Salmon is grown in the pristine waters of Tasmania.
Always fresh and never frozen, the premium Smoked Salmon is gently cured and slowly smoked over the finest natural beechwood chips to create a smooth and delicate smoked flavor. (RRP $19.99)

Gold Angus Beef Burger with Caramelised Onion 350g & Wagyu Beef Burger Winning in the Fresh Meat Category, both burgers are a delicious option, which delivers superior taste to any BBQ. Impress friends by offering the Angus Beef Burger, a premium quality burger made of coarsely ground Australian Angus beef with sweet caramelised onion.
Or whip up the Wagyu Beef Burger, made from 350-­‐day grain fed, coarsely ground Australian Wagyu Beef seasoned with native herbs and spices. (RRP $7.99)

Love Mummahh

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