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Back to School Gifts

Soon after the excitement of Christmas and New Year is over it’s time to start thinking about the new school year ahead.

It’s always a smart idea to include a few sneaky ‘back to school’ gifts under the tree. A drink bottle, pencil case, pencils and pens. This will save you a bit of running around later on! Well, that’s my top tip for easing the back to school run around.

I’ve mentioned Frixion Pens before, they are those magic pens that are erasable!! Honestly these pens are amazing and my 11 year old son loves them. Frixion Pens are fun to use and come in a wide choice of colours and styles, including highlighters.

Frixion Colors Fan

Choose from across the range to make up the perfect pencil case this new school year:

  • Frixion Ball  – a gel ink pen in nine colours – great for notes, handwriting, studying and general use, RRP $3.50
  • Frixion Clicker – a retractable ball pen in a choice of seven colours, available in fine and extra fine.  Click the top of the pen to retract, RRP $4.45
  • Frixion Point – a needlepoint pen for ultra-fine writing – perfect for practising handwriting and craft, RRP $3.50
  • Frixion Light – a fantastic erasable highlighter in a choice of six colours – perfect for studying.  Highlight text, summarise key points, then rub it out without a trace, RRP $3.05
  • Frixion Colors – fabulous felt tip markers in a choice of ten fun colours.  Colour, draw, craft and create and if you make a mistake, rub it out and start again, RRP $2.99
  • And New to the range is Frixion 3 in 1.  It features three ink colours, black, blue and red in one pen.  Just click and choose your colour.  Great for practising handwriting, spelling and studying. Choose from three different barrel colours; pink, light blue or light green.  RRP $9.95

Frixion erasable pen

For some more advice on making going back to school a breeze Jocelyn Brewer, a psychologist and educator with fourteen years experience in private practice, teaching, child counselling and educational development has some top tips below.

Make Going Back To School A Breeze

Psychologist, Jocelyn Brewer’s Top Tips

Here are Jocelyn’s top tips for getting your child ready for the new school year:


  1. Talk – encourage your child to talk about school, what they are looking forward to and to voice any concerns, so they have the chance to have a mental run-through with your support and guidance before the real thing.


  1. Practice handwriting – many children worry about making mistakes or that their handwriting is messy or illigible. Have some fun, try colours for different letters, or decorate the page border. Write a letter to grandma! Opt for a pen with erasable ink so your child can rub out mistakes and start again to help build their confidence.


  1. Gear up – go shopping together for some lovely stationery – a new pencil case, some new pens, a ruler. Check the school newsletter for what’s needed – they normally have a list of items. Your child will be excited to be involved in choosing their equipment for a fresh start to the school year.


  1. Be prepared – take the stress out of looking for uniforms, bags and equipment by making sure everything is to hand the night before. Involve your child in the activity of getting prepared so they can learn the importance of routine and responsibility and help share the load. Make the lunch box, lay out the uniform and allow enough time in the morning to have a quiet breakfast and a relaxed walk or drive to school. Starting off with calm will help soothe back to school jitters and set the mood for the day ahead.

For more information about Jocelyn Brewer visit:

And if all that wasn’t enough you can enter below to win a Frixion Prize Pack valued at $39.98. If you win it will be one less thing you have to get for next year!

Love Mummahh


Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen Prize Pack

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  • paula
    December 17, 2015 at 8:14 am

    I totally agree on buying things early!! My munchkin likes to have everything matching and “pretty in pink” which can be hard to find at the end of the holidays when the shelves are getting empty