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Change the way you eat

Ditch dodgy diets

  Change the Way You Eat – The psychology of food by Leanne Cooper BA (Psych/Ed), GCertHumNutr   There are so many diets around it can boggle your mind. A very interesting book came my way recently which gets down [...]

October 27, 2014 Health
fruit free bliss balls

Fruit free bliss balls

I’ve been wanting to make some fruit free ‘treats’ for a while. I searched around for a recipe and found a great one at Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar. The recipe below is based on the I Quit Sugar recipe [...]

September 11, 2014 Health, Lifestyle
R U OK?Day

Power of conversation

Sometimes life is a struggle, sometimes it’s a breeze. I have ups and downs like everyone. The exhaustion of working full time, raising three kids, being a wife, running a household and money worries, (just to name a few). I [...]

September 10, 2014 Health, Lifestyle
Paleo, 5:2, Power foods, Sugar Detox, Fermentation

Books for health

After recently quitting sugar I’ve been doing a bit of research into a range of diets and nutritional information that may help my ‘journey to wellness’. What I’ve realised over the years is that one approach to health, fitness or weight [...]

August 31, 2014 Health, Lifestyle

Kale Chips (I’m addicted)

Kale is pretty much everywhere at the moment. If you have a beard and eat kale you’re probably the coolest kid in town 😉 Anyone who reads my blog will know I’ve been experimenting with food and cooking at the [...]

June 13, 2014 Health

Weight Watchers Winter Warmer Stew

Yum. How good does this Lamb, Barley and Rosemary Stew look! What’s even better is this dish is Weight Watcher’s approved 🙂 The recipe serves four, so with a family of five I would double this recipe (below) and freeze [...]

June 12, 2014 Health

A healthly rant

I wouldn’t say I’m on a health kick but lately I’ve been doing a bit of research into health, diet and exercise. People who know me and regular readers of my blog will know it’s no secret I am {constantly} [...]

May 27, 2014 Health, Lifestyle

I Quit Sugar For Life

I recently received a review copy of Sarah Wilson’s new book I Quit Sugar For Life. This book is a follow up to her successful first book I Quit Sugar. You might be wondering why isn’t this in the review [...]

April 23, 2014 Health, Lifestyle

Sweet tooth, Sweet truth

It’s no news flash that kids (and adults) love sugar. The stuff is addictive, but I’ll save that for another post. In fact the world’s average sugar intake is 17 teaspoons per person, per day. But in Australia, Brazil, USA [...]

March 30, 2014 Health, Parenting

I think you should Get Farmed!

As a blogger I ‘m often sent products to try, which I must say is a nice little perk. But I’ll only write about those that fulfill certain criteria. Amongst other things they have to interest you guys, my readers. [...]

March 9, 2014 Health