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Sweet corn pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Tomorrow, 4 March 2014 is Pancake Day. YUM! I luurrrve pancakes. I try to watch what I eat but no-one should miss out on a Pancake opportunity. Lucky for me (and my waist line) Weight Watcher’s have created some healthier [...]

March 3, 2014 Health

One punch too many

edited: I wrote this post prior to the term coward punch was used by the Christie family. I have sinced replaced all mention of king hit with the much more appropriate term – coward punch. My blog is usually pretty [...]

January 2, 2014 Health, Parenting, Uncategorized

Stressed? Maybe a little.

So am I stressed? > I work five days a week. > I am a mum of 3 kids (3, 7 and 9 yrs) > Monday to Friday I leave the house at 7am, spend a good hour on public [...]

September 12, 2013 Health, Uncategorized

kids nudie = yum

nudie launches new kids range   I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. A long life tetra pack, perfect for the school lunch box, full of quality juice made just for kids from nothing but fruit. Sounds like a no-brainer but [...]

July 14, 2013 Health, Kids, Win

Tax time is coming – how you can save some money.

Readers, just a reminder that I’m not an accountant, financial planner or tax expert (obviously!) but being tax time – eeeek – I thought it appropriate, in conjunction with Medibank, to share my thoughts. Around this time I always dream [...]

June 28, 2013 Health, Parenting

Beating the Blues by Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball

Beating the Blues Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball Beating the Blues written by Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball is a self-help approach to overcoming depression. First printed in Australia and New Zealand in 1989 and reprinted 20 times selling over [...]

May 19, 2013 Health, Lifestyle

The Chocolate Diet : 6 week update

So it’s been six weeks since I started my 8 week challenge on The Chocolate Diet. Over the last six weeks I have lost an average of 500g per week. This is pretty good because I have done minimal exercise, [...]

May 5, 2013 Health

The world seems to have gone mobile

­­­   Above: My (almost) 3 year old son playing on my iPad• 🙂 The world seems to have gone mobile. Most people have a mobile device; a smart phone, iPad*, or tablet and some can’t live without them! I [...]

April 26, 2013 Health, Lifestyle, Parenting