Easy Gifts to make for Mum

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Easy DIY gifts for Mum this Mother’s Day

When I’m looking for a Mother’s Day gift for my Mum it usually includes a photo of the grandkids. This year, rather than just popping a photo in a frame, I’m trying some crafty DIY projects that I know will make Mum’s day!

These DIY projects are created by a fellow blogger, Katrina Chambers who has a great design and lifestyle blog (I’ve met Katrina and she is a lovely lady and it’s an awesome blog so check it out). I thought I would give them a go and make Mum something a little different and more personal this year.

Photo Heart in a Frame

DIY Mothers Day Gifts

What you’ll need:

  • Photos. I went to my local Officeworks and used the Kodak Picture Kiosk. It’s really easy to print out pictures off your phone and even from your Facebook or Instagram. I had all my photos for this project saved on a USB stick. It’s really easy and the photos for both of these projects (4 sheets of 6 x 4 mini prints) cost only $1.40.
  • Frame. I got this 8 x 10″ wooden Promenade Frame from Officeworks for $8
  • Scissors. I actually used a scalpel and a metal ruler to cut out the photos. I’m a graphic designer so I had these lying around. If you don’t have a scalpel the scissors will do just fine.
  • Paper or cardboard. You will use this for the background. I used red paper.
  • Pencil and ruler. These will help draw the heart shape and measure the background paper.
  • Blu Tack. This will help hold the photos in place when you are making your heart shape.

Ok let’s get started.

  1. Cut out the photos.
  2. Draw a heart shape on a piece of paper, making sure you’re happy it fits the frame you have chosen. Then cut it out ready to stick the pictures on to it.
  3. Arrange the pictures on the heart shape, sticking them down with Blu Tack so they can be easily rearranged until you have the perfect placement.
  4. Once I was happy with the photos on the heart shape I set that aside and measured up a red backing board/paper to fit the frame. I then placed the photo heart onto the red backing board/paper, using Blu Tack again to hold it in place.

DYI Mothers Day Gifts

Then pop it in your frame and wallahh! A beautiful gift for Mum.


Photo Plant Holder

DIY Mothers Day Gifts

What you’ll need:

  • Photos. Again, I used some of the 6 x 4 mini prints from Officework’s in-store Picture Kiosk.
  • Plant Pot. I used a small green plastic pot. Mine was rounded which made it a bit hard to stick the photos on so choosing a square pot with flat sides will be easier.
  • Scissors. To cut out the photos
  • String. I used string as a border for the photo strip around the pot. It also helped hold the photos down when they were drying.
  • Glue. You can use decoupage glue but I just used Aquadhere.
  • Paintbrush. This is for gluing, I used a Micador craft brush.
  • Plant. To put in your finished product πŸ™‚

Ok let’s get started.

  1. Cut out the photos.
  2. Stick your chosen photos around the pot. Because mine was rounded I put a rubber band on to help stick the photos down.
  3. Once the photos were stuck down I put a coat of glue over the photos and pot (all good it dries clear). I wrapped string around the top and the bottom of the photo strip and I tied a small knot which I put a dob of glue on to seal.
  4. After the glue had dried clear I trimmed the excess string and put a cute little succulent in the pot.

DIY Mothers Day Gifts


You can make a whole heap of photo creations at Officeworks in-store Kodak Picture Kiosk. I was able to collect my prints almost instantly! If you don’t have the time to get creative then head down to Officeworks as they have a huge range of personalised photo products that are perfect for Mother’s Day, including mugs, photo canvases and keyrings.


Officeworks Kodak Picture Kiosk

DIY Mothersw Day gifts

You are only limited by your imagination and whether you make your own or buy something ready-made, your DIY pressies are sure to put a smile on Mum’s face.

Love Mummahh





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