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The school holidays are nearly over, but just in case you’ve run out of ideas I have a few suggestions to keep the kids amused 🙂


First up is fun for the girls with….

Glamour Girl

Glamour Girl

Glamour Girl is a collection of books and activity packs designed to get you designing, sketching, journaling and crafting.

Each Glamour Girl is a chic, playful, super-creative teen, who’s a fan of fashion, design and fun creations.  And everything they do is intended to encourage you to get creative and express your individuality and style through play and design.

Designer Tote Bag                glamour3

The Glamour Girl range has wide selection of fun, creative activities for girls, with everything from secret journals, sketchbooks and stationery kits to magnetic dress-up dolls and craft kits that contain everything you need to start your own fashion trends.

There is something for every creative type from the Glamour Girl designer tote and clutch bags, stationery kits, A5 sketchbooks, secret journals, studio gift boxes, two new designer portfolios and magnetic dress-up dolls.

And Glamour Girl has also gone digital.

The brand new Glamour Girl App is now available on the App Store. For more information of the Glamour Girl range visit



And for some good old fashion family fun……


Good ole board games

With endless technology available for kids these days, it’s more difficult than ever to convince them to spend time socialising, let alone having family time away from their electronic gadgets. That’s why the team at Crown & Andrews is thrilled to release two new board games suitable for kids aged 7+ that the whole family can play together.

GooglyBoard GooglyEyes


Googly Eyes (RRP $30.00) is a twist on the classic board game where a team member draws an object and the others guess what it is – this time the person drawing has to wear vision-altering glasses! The game is about performing under pressure while looking silly – the perfect formula for family fun! Includes 3 sets of vision altering lenses that go from easy to hard. Googly Eyes was one of the top selling games in Europe last year and has been especially adapted for the Australian release.


Our review: This game is bloody hilarious!. The kids had heaps of fun and me and my husband could not stop laughing (everyone looked so funny in the glasses). This game was an absolute hoot!!!



Also new from Crown & Andrews is Fibber (RRP $20.00), a creativity game where it’s not what you play; it’s what you say! If you don’t have the next card, fib – but don’t get caught or you’ll have to wear a nosepiece that grows each time you get caught. The player with the shortest nose wins!


Our review: The kids loved this game mainly due to the huge ‘fibber’ noses they grew. This is also a super fun game for the whole family to enjoy!

Googly Eyes and Fibber will be available at major retailers from June and online at



Love Mummahh

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