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Game time – Split Second and Tri-ominos

August 16, 2016 Kids, Reviews Comments Off on Game time – Split Second and Tri-ominos
Split Second and Tri-ominos

Everyone loves games and here are two new ones that are great fun for the whole family.

My kids love all types of games. The kids had played Split Second at after school care, so they were so excited when they found out we were road testing it.

Split Second is a quiz with a twist.

There is over 500 questions that are suitable for all ages (even adults). The twist to this game is how fast you can answer the question. Once the question is read out you have to write the answer on the paddle and be the first flip it into the centre.

Here is a tiny little snippet of the kids playing Split Second.

Split Second is a lot of fun and has an element of learning which is good. The game is suitable for ages 8+ and you can have from 3-6 players.  Split Second is available from all major toy retailers RRP $39.95.

You can check out the official television commercial below.

The second game we got to try out was the classic Tri-ominos.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of this three sided dominoes game. The aim of the game is to match one side of a Tri-omino tile to one you have in your hand.The winner is the first to 400 points. Tri-ominos is suitable for ages 8+ but my 6 year old was able to play with his older brother and sister, and was actually great for number recognition and identifying patterns. It’s available in all major toy retailers RRP $24.95

Tri-ominos is a game of luck and strategy that’s easy to learn.

You can check out the Tri-ominos television commercial below.

If you are looking for some great family games then both Split Second and Tri-ominos are good choices. My kids have voted Split Second their favourite, I think they love the fast paced action and the competitive side!!

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