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Do your kids play Minecraft?

My kids are obsessed with Minecraft.

They all play it, even my four year old. They even seem to have their own language when they play. I hear them say things like “stop spawning zombie pigmen” and they build houses and mine for precious metals. I hear all about the Endermen, Creepers and Herobrine.

My kids play on their tablets which means they can only play with each other on our own local network. But it looks like we may have to get serious and download the real Minecraft for PC (apparently my ten year old says the one on his tablet isn’t as ‘full on’ as the PC version). The reason is a nifty little competition run by the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E) which aims to help kids learn about the history of the Eureka Stockade. So what is M.A.D.E and what’s it got to do with Minecraft™?

M.A.D.E is located on the site of the historic Eureka Stockade.

M.A.D.E is one of Australia’s newest museums which commemorates the pivotal role of the Eureka Stockade in shaping Australia’s democracy. This year marks the 160th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade and M.A.D.E  has partnered with The-Core and Federation University with a competition where entrants are required to build a virtual recreation of the Eureka Stockade within the Minecraft™ platform .

Competitors will build their stockades on a custom Minecraft™ server called MADECORE, a digital environment where all competitors can interact, collaborate and build on ideas from one another. The winning model will be the one that builds a fun, creative version of the Eureka Stockade.


MADE Museum

Want to know more? Here’s all the details….

The Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E) is running an online Minecraft™ competition where under 18’s can show their best Minecraft™ Eureka Stockade.

The competition opens on Monday 1 September and closes 1 November 2014. All the details can be found at including registration instructions and ‘how to’ videos.

Prizes – 3 shortlisted builders will receive their design as a printed 3D model.

  • 1st Prize – Choice of ‘iPad mini with Retina display Wi-Fi 16GB’ OR ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi 16GB’ and 3D printed model of Minecraft Map.
  • 2nd Prize – 3D printed model of Minecraft Map and M.A.D.E T-Shirt
  • 3rd Prize – 3D printed model of Minecraft Map

To complement the competition, the September School Holiday program from Monday, September 22nd – Friday, October 3rd is all about Minecraft™.

FREE Daily Program includes:

  • Minecraft™ themed Exhibition Worksheet.
  • Minecraft™ play using M.A.D.E’s laptop and tablet devices.
  • Minecraft ™ themed Papercraft Activities.
  • Cyber Storytime (11am & 2pm)

Find a Minecraft™ Miner
Tiny miners, their wives and children, redcoat soldiers, police troopers and even the pikeman’s dog have been turned into Minecraft™ figures and hidden around M.A.D.E’s exhibition. Use the worksheet as a guide and see if you find them all.

Minecraft Lab
M.A.D.E’s digital devices have been set up for you to use. Learn to use Minecraft™ if you’ve never tried it before or come in and show-off your expertise. The Minecraft Lab will also host a selection of papercraft activities inspired by the popular game. Cut it, fold and colour it in, then take your creation home or leave it to be exhibited at M.A.D.E.

Cyber Storytime (11am & 2pm)
A colonial goldfield constructed inside a Minecraft™ terrain is the backdrop for this adventurous tale. Displayed on M.A.D.E giant, digital touchscreen, this story will take you on a block-by-block walk through of the Eureka Stockade.


Good luck and happy holidays 🙂

Love Mummahh

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