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Meet Chelle from Unique & Chic #IBSD2014


Its International Blog Swap Day and I would love you to meet Chelle from Unique & Chic


Chelle from Unique and Chic


Chelle is mama to a feisty red head called Fizz and wife to Gav. Since 2009 Chelle has been on a massive career and life changing journey – first being a mama then returning to work, setting her her social media business –  all while blogging her journey along the way. Chelle blogs at Unique and Chic – a website she says covers everything from her current pregnancy to things she thinks are unique even when you don’t feel quite as chic – sharing her own and others parenting stories along the way. You can find her on twitter as @chellemccann. She’s quite chatty and I promise doesn’t bite 😉




My daughter, aged 4, is like most girls her age – very active. Since becoming pregnant with baby number 2 this has been a bit of a challenge and after being advised by midwives and a consultant to rest as I turn 25 weeks I know doing fun things with her could be a real challenge. The rest for me is proving already on day 7!

Fizz starts school in September, we were very lucky to get our first choice of school,  and so far has written her name a total of 2 times. I have become very conscious that maybe we need to do some more home based learning so hopefully this fits in well with more time at home.

First off I have ordered some Hama Beads. I am hoping creating pieces of art work with these will help her fingers grab pens and pencils as an adult would. She was still very much hand around the pen and this morning is starting to grasp for more pen control. As it is more creative it is very tailored to Fizz.



Fizz and I have always loved to make Jewellery. We are very lucky to have a bead shop in town. We count as we go, separate the colours and make family and friends presents in bulk. It’s lovely to see Fizz concentrate on counting, colours and just the loveliest at her pride for making something lovely for someone else.


A few weeks ago we bought some basic learning style books. Her favourite is the phonics. It’s a book where we are able to give stars to her at the end of each page. Her attention lasts about 20 minutes with these before she gets ‘lazy’ with learning but it seems to be working in terms of alphabetical knowledge.




Of course learning cannot all be table based or from the sofa. We have loved getting out and about too and although I have to rest up doesn’t mean Fizz does. She loves to role play princesses and pirates and we attend a lovely Forest Type school called Wildplay which starts again this month. We have a fairy hunt for her birthday in December and it was wondrous to see her imagination develop as well as traditional education skills.


The final thing about starting school this September is Fizz will become a sister to The Boy bump I am carrying a month before! I feel that her starting school is at the right time for her but maybe not so much to be rushed around a newborn for the school run. I a lucky that Gav (my husband) will be able to do the school drop off but I will be managing a pick up alone.

It feels a bit scary as the weeks grow closer and so for me I will be learning too. How to go from 3 to 4, how to plan leaving the house down to the smallest detail, pack lunches to do, uniform to wash. With the next few months supposedly with me feet up I will be trying to find the best printables to stick on every wall and the front door!

I would love to know how you educate from home and how you manage that school run too!


Visit Chelle at her blog Unique & Chic

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