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No added sugar baby food recipes

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Since doing my own research into sugar and the effects it has on our bodies I’ve made a huge effort to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet and that of my family. If I had my time over I may have been more determined to feed my children less sugar during their early years. But then there’s life, and it can be busy. Whilst we all do our best and want the best for our children, not all mums have the time to prepare homemade baby food all of the time. I have three children and both my husband and I work full-time so during those early years we often used a nutritious choice like Heinz Infant as an addition to the homemade meals and snacks we had prepared for our children.

If you are going to use a commercial baby food it’s really important to know a few things:

  • What’s in it?
  • Where’s it made?
  • Where are the ingredients sourced?
  • How is it cooked; and
  • Is it suitable for your baby/toddlers age?

Heinz Infant is a good option if you’re looking for a nutritious and wholesome baby food. It’s been around for 60 years and the pouch and jars are prepared right here in Australia in country Victoria. Where possible, Heinz Infant source ingredients from Australia – apples, pears and peaches come from the Goulburn Valley and all meats are from trusted Australian suppliers. The pouch and jar recipes are steam cooked and are even approved by nutritionists who are mums themselves! The Heinz Infant range take care to cater for all age stages with appropriate tastes and textures.

There is no shame in not cooking all your own baby food. We all have super busy lives and it’s great to have the option of such a high quality commercial infant food like Heinz Infant available. I found Heinz Infant great for when I was out and about and as an added bonus I could use the empty jars again with my own homemade baby food.

Looking at the ingredients of the Heinz Infant range it’s clear that their slogan “Just the good stuff” is spot on.

Heinz Infant

If you want to have a go at some really easy no added sugar baby food recipes, I have some below. These recipes are suitable for around 8 months plus but you can also puree them for younger babies. I find if you are preparing homemade baby food you can’t go past freezing portions in ice cube trays. They are perfect; you can make large batches and have them ready to go in the perfect size. It also allows you to mix and match cubes. My kids would eat anything if it was mixed with cheese so I have put a quick and easy cheesy sauce recipe below which can be combined with any of the vegetable recipes.

Heinz Infant Heinz Infant Heinz Infant


When life gets busy and you need a high quality, nutritious food for your baby then Heinz Infant is a great choice. Have a look at the range on the Heinz Infant website or you can connect on Facebook .


Love Mummahh


This post is brought to you by Heinz Infant, however the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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