Raising Teenagers

Tackling the tricky teenage years is challenging for most parents.

I’m not quite into the teenage years yet, my oldest is turning eleven this year. It won’t be long though and I seem to be tackling tricky things already. Mainly things like “Can I go on Instagram mum” and tricky questions about sex and drugs – I can thank the news for many of the questions I face. But do I shield him or tackle it head on? I usually choose the later and offer an age appropriate response, but it can be hard sometimes.

Raising Competent Teenagers by Dr Linda Friedland is new book out from Rockpool Publishing which aims to help parents tackle the sometimes difficult teenage years.


About the book….

In the age of sexting, cyber bullying, easy access to pornography & drug experimentation, itโ€™s tougher than ever to keep an active dialogue with your teen. So how do you remain a strong and compassionate parent & keep communication open as they face these challenges?

Raising Competent Teenagers (Rockpool Publishing, $27.99)ย  provides practical solutions for over 100 issues such as:

  • Dealing with brain and body changes
  • Parent teen conflict
  • Implementing rules and family values
  • How to say no
  • Teen narcissism and entitlement
  • Helicopter and Tiger parenting

Raising Competent Teenagers

A must-read for parents and minders, Raising Competent Teenagers offers a valuable insight into common issues, and provides readers with strategies to foster stronger relationships with teens during these formative years. Dr Linda Friedland is a medical doctor, best-selling author and has a vast personal and professional experience on the subject of adolescence as a mother of five children and a medical professional treating and counselling families.

For more information or to purchase a copy of Raising Competent Teenagers visit Rockpool Publishing.


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