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Air Hogs Rollercopter

AirHogs Rollercopter
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Battery Life/ Charging


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New from Air Hogs comes the Rollercopter!

Obviously there are no prizes in guessing that this new remote control (RC) toy can roll.

It can roll along floors and up walls. It can bounce off walls and smash off ceilings and most importantly it can fly.

Pretty impressive.

AirHogs Rollercopter

Below is the official promo….

I was initially worried about the kids using the Rollercopter in the house. I was sure something was going to get broken. The protective roll cage is actually very lightweight and even if you flew it into a window I would be pretty surprised if you did any damage to the window OR the Rollercopter.

The Rollercopter is made for indoor use and is lot’s of [fun].….once you master the controls.

Air Hogs Rollercopter

There are two control knobs – one for thrust and the other is steering (left and right). Sounds easy right? Well not really. There is another little knob which adjusts the trim (huh?), it basically adjusts which way the Rollercopter tilts or leans (I think, I’m still not 100%…I just turn the trim knob until the Rollercopter rises properly).

Below is our video of the Air Hogs Rollercopter….

The Air Hogs Rollercopter takes 6 x AA batteries and you charge the helicopter using a cord from the Controller (I show you the charging cord set-up in the video above). Make sure you charge the helicopter correctly. We had a few times when it seemed to run out of charge very quickly. I think for RC toys it’s alway best to get good quality batteries (or rechargeables).

The Air Hogs Rollercopter retails for $69.99 and is available from Big W, Kmart, Target, TRU, Myer and Toyworld.

This is a great RC toy for all ages, lots of fun and good for indoor play.

Overall Score 4

Entertainment – Score 4.5

The Air Hogs Rollercopter is great fun but it takes a while to master the controls to get the most fun out of it.

Battery Life/ Charging – Score 3.5

It takes 6 x AA batteries so depending on how much you use the Rollercopter this could be an issue. The batteries charge both the controller and helicopter so I suppose you don’t have to get batteries for both. Be sure to charge the helicopter correctly to get the maximum charge/battery life. Once you charge the helicopter (using the controller) you will be lucky to get a couple of hours of continuous play (but whose kids play continuously on one toy for 2 hours??)

Unique/ Point of difference – Score 5

I’m giving the Air Hogs Rollercopter a 5 out of 5 for it’s uniqueness. The kids just looked at it and were impressed. A helicopter in a roll cage – now that’s something I haven’t seen before!

Age Suitability – Score 5

The Air Hogs Rollercopter is is suitable for 8+ which I think is correct given it can be tricky to master. My four year old didn’t really want to ‘master’ it but had lots of fun rolling it along the floor and bouncing it off walls 🙂

Price – Score 4

The Air Hogs Rollercopter is 69.99 which is pretty good value.


Air Hogs Rollercopter



AirHogs Rollercopter

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  1. sue petrie November 29, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    How my grandson would have fun
    out in the the sun
    with this Rollercopter.
    whirling and thrilling

  2. carly November 20, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    my eldest child would have a lot of fun with this toy

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