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Buckle Me Up

Buckle me up
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Buckle Me Up is a wireless seatbelt safety system designed to alert the driver when a rear seatbelt is buckled.

Whenever we get in the car the first thing we say is “have you got your seatbelts on?”

We are a one-car-family … and I am not the main ‘driver’ of the family. I travel to and from work on public transport and the kiddie drop offs/pick ups are usually done by my husband. For that reason my husband was the best one to trial the Buckle Me Up system. He installed the system in the car and has been using it for the last few weeks. I have seen it in action when we are out and about on the weekends.

Buckle me up

Everyone knows that it’s dangerous for kids (or anyone) to ride without a seatbelt, but it’s also dangerous if the driver is distracted because they have to look around and check all the time. The other thing is you may see your child put on their seatbelt at the beginning of a journey but may not be aware they have unbuckled during the trip.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 20% of all kids killed in car crashes were NOT wearing a seatbelt
  • Every year 80 children die and another 3,000 are left with serious injuries
  • 22% of motor vehicle deaths occurred to passengers who were unrestrained.

So how does the Buckle Me Up system work?

It’s pretty easy to install however my husband managed to put the dashboard mount on upside down! Still works though, just upside down.

It’s a simple system which consists of a mounted dashboard unit which is about the same size as a garage remote button and seatbelt cartridges that are placed on the seatbelt plug. The system comes with 2 seatbelt cartridges but you can purchase extras for $39.95.

Buckle Me Up

The dashboard unit will need to be charged. The system includes a USB charger (charger jack) which can be plugged into a computer or the USB car charger. I found that the car charger didn’t work well and we never really got it to charge completely. This was probably because we only do short runs and it never got the opportunity to fully charge. I charged it by plugging it into the computer.

Once charged and the power turned on, the Buckle Me Up system will beep continuously and the light will flash red if the seatbelt/s are unbuckled.

When the light flashes green you know the seatbelts are buckled. The system will beep for the number of seatbelts buckled, for us that’s two beeps for two seatbelts.

Seatbelt safety system

The Buckle Me Up system retails for $189 which may seem a little high but you can’t really put a price on safety. I think overall this is a fantastic safety system that many parents and carers will find useful and give reassurance and piece of mind.

Buckle me up

But most of all it may even save lives.

You can find out more and purchase the Buckle Me Up seatbelt system here


Love Mummahh

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