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Cabbage Patch Glow Party Kids

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There’s a new edition to the Cabbage Patch family. The Cabbage Patch Glow Party Kids arrive in-store this month (April 2014) and my lucky seven year old daughter has assisted me with reviewing one of these cute dolls 🙂

A big box arrived on our doorstep (which clearly states what’s inside, so no surprises here) and I handed it over to Miss 7. WOW..oh WOW… was repeated over and over. I must admit I loved my Cabbage Patch doll when I was her age, there is just something about them.

Leigh CPK

Miss 7 opened the box and after untying many, many ties, which where holding the doll in her packet, we finally released the newest member of our family – Leigh.

Miss 7 loved the long blonde hair and instantly said ‘I can brush her hair’. Brushing and styling hair seems to be a big thing for 7 year old girls (well mine anyway). She also said “Mum this doll smells so good…smell it” and proceeded to shove it in my face, and you know what? It did!

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.59.50 PM

Just like the original Cabbage Patch Dolls, the Glow Party Kids come with that fresh baby powder scent and of course a birth certificate. But the real difference (obviously) is that these dolls glow in the dark. On the doll we received, the mask and owl patch on the PJ’s ‘glowed’ in the dark. I was expecting a little more glow, given the name, so I suppose I was a little disappointed, or possibly my expectations were a little high?

Miss 7 however seemed oblivious and was content with the mask ‘glowing’ in the dark. Since Leigh arrived she has been found snuggled next to Miss 7 as she sleeps 🙂 The Cabbage Patch Kids Glow Party Kids are super cute in there PJ’s and are the perfect companion for kids who may like a ‘little’ extra light at night.

All-in-all Miss 7 just loves her new friend.

As far as dolls go you can’t go wrong with Cabbage Patch Dolls who have been adopted into over 124 million families since 1983!!! The Cabbage Patch Kids Glow Party Kids are $69.99 and available from all major toy retailers.



Disclaimer {keeping things real}: To facilitate this review I received a Cabbage Patch Kids Glow Party Kid. I received no payment. As always the views expressed in this review are entirely my own (good and bad).

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