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IMK Pro Colour from Spotlight

IMK Pro Colour
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This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Spotlight.

The IMK Pro Colour range includes toasters, kettles, blenders and stick mixes.

The IMK Pro Colour range, as the name suggests, is available in a variety of fun bright colours and you can find the range exclusively at Spotlight, in-store and online. I was invited to road test the IMK Pro Colour Toaster. IMK Pro Colour Toaster Review

Our previous toaster was close to falling apart. With three kids who seem to eat toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and anytime in between), our toaster is one busy appliance.

It’s a good looking toaster.

My first impression of the IMK Pro Colour Toaster was very good – there were a few ooh’s and ahh’s as I open the box and revealed the toaster inside. I liked the look of the toaster and it was quite a bit bigger than our previous one. I received a black toaster however they are also available in aqua, red, white, purple and silver. My previous toaster was a quick replacement we picked up from the local supermarket, so it wasn’t the fanciest of toasters. I felt a bit spoilt when I opened up the box and saw the fancy, new black IMK Pro Colour Toaster.

IMK Pro colour toaster

The IMK Pro Colour Toaster had many features we didn’t have in our previous toaster. Well, considering our old toaster could really just toast standard bread, everything beyond that was a welcome upgrade. So apart from the obvious toasting of bread, the IMK Pro Colour Toaster has the following features:

  • Capable of toasting thick slices like cafe style raisin toast and banana bread.
  • Defrost function. It will defrost and then toast (Wow!)
  • Reheating function. For those times you make the toast, then get distracted. Unless you’re a fan of cold toast this is great.
  • Bun warming. Yep, that’s right, you can even warm your buns on the wire rack.
  • And getting back to toasting, the IMK Pro Colour is a 2 slice toaster which has 6 levels.

Who knew a toaster could do so much.

IMK Pro colour

Overall I scored the IMK Pro Colour Toaster a 4.5 out of 5.

Price (4 out of 5): The IMK Pro Colour Toaster has a RRP of $44.99. This is a good price for what you get and makes this toaster an affordable option for most homes.

Appearance (5 out of 5): Perfect score, it is a really good looking toaster.

Functionality (5 out of 5): Perfect score, it is has some great functions, I particularly like the bun warming and defrost function.

Ease of cleaning (4.5 out of 5): There are no major breakthroughs in the cleaning department however the tray at the base of the toaster is easy to remove and clean.

Ease of use (5 out of 5): Perfect score, all the great functions are easy to use.

So if you like a little colour in the kitchen then the IMK Pro Colour range is perfect. The IMK Range is available in Spotlight stores or on-line.

The IMK Pro Colour is an affordable, stylish and good quality toaster.

IMK Pro Colour Range

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This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Spotlight. I received an IMK Pro Colour toaster to facilitate this review.


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