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LeapFrog Transformers Rescue Bots

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LeapFrog Transformers Rescue Bots – Race to the Rescue

This is a fun new game from LeapFrog which Mr 4 has been reviewing, well as far as he knows he’s just playing 🙂


I was pretty impressed with this game.

It initially appealed to Mr 4 because of the Transformer factor, but as any parent knows it’s all about attention span and keeping young kids entertained. I’m happy to report that Mr 4 really enjoyed this game. It’s quite clever and well thought out (as I’ve come to expect from the LeapFrog library). The game takes place in Griffin Rock. A series of natural phenomena hit Griffin Rock and it’s your job to save it. There are seven missions to do, all taking place in the different areas of Griffin Rock.

Seven Missions

Each mission begins with a rather in depth introduction, so it’s nearly like a short cartoon. The introduction fills you in on what is happening to Griffin Rock and what you need to do to save it.

The first mission starts at the Mech Race Marathon where a dark cloud looms and lighting wreaks havoc in the forest. As the game progresses you learn fun facts as you race to the rescue. There’s lots of action so little ones won’t get bored.

Forest Run

Transformers Rescue Bots Race to the Rescue is suitable for ages 4 – 7. My son is 4 and loved this game. It teaches environmental science, earth & space science and map skills.

The software is suitable for use on any of the LeapPad tablets – LeapPad 1, LeapPad 2, LeapPad2 Power, and LeapPad Ultra. You can buy the cartridge or download the app. The game costs $45 which may seem a little steep but I have seen first hand how much goes in to developing these games and it really is worth it.

One thing I will say is it is created for an American market so somethings are ‘lost in translation’. for example the fireman’s outfit is yellow not red.



This is one of the more comprehensive games from LeapFrog and I’m pretty sure your little Transformers fan will not only have fun playing it but also learn things along the way.

Mr 4 (and I) gave Transformers Rescue Bots Race to the Rescue an overall score of 4.5

For Game Play I gave it a 5. There’s action and puzzles and heaps to do.

For Content I gave it 4. Lost a point here for the USA content.

For Entertainment I gave it 5. Mr 4 loved it and it kept him entertained for ages.

For Educational content I gave it 4.5. As with all LeapFrog games and apps, kids will learn heaps whilst playing this game.

For Price I gave it 4.5. At $45 dollars it’s on the pricey side but definitely worth it.


Love Mummahh

Disclaimer {keeping things real}: To facilitate this review I received a LeapFrog Transformers Rescue Bots – Race to the Rescue game cartridge. I received no payment. As always the views expressed in this review are entirely my own (good and bad).

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