Tuesday 22nd October 2019,
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Razor Rift

Overall Score


Construction (out of box)




Razor Rift ReviewNew from Razor comes the Razor Rift Scooter.

The Razor Rift is a two-wheel scooter which has a rear 360 degree inclined caster wheel. If you are like me and have no idea what that meant, I asked my 10 year old son who told me it means the back can go from side to side (or rift).

The kids tried to demonstrate a rift on the new Razor Rift Scooter below. I think the back is supposed to go from side to side rather than the front but they gave it a go 🙂


If you want to see how the pro’s do it then check out the promo video below.



The Razor Rift is well built and sturdy and I particularly liked the ‘traction deck” (on the board). The scooter is also lightweight and folds up easily to store or carry. Although the box says 100kg max weight, it’s recommended you are 65kg or less to ride the Rift (sorry Dad’s).

The Razor Rift Scooter is available from Toys R Us and Target from June 2014 and retails for $79.

All up I gave the Razor Rift Scooter 4.5

It’s a great scooter for 8 years+. You really pay for quality when you buy a Razor.



Love Mummahh

Disclaimer {keeping things real}: To facilitate this review I received a Razor Rift Scooter. I received no payment. As always the views expressed in this review are entirely my own (good and bad).

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