Shopkins – cute n’ collectable

Shopkins are the kind of thing I would have loved as a little girl.

From the same people who brought you Trash Packs comes the new collectable in town – Shopkins. Australian owned company Moose Enterprise launched Shopkins in September this year (2014). Moose seem to be experts in making ultra-popular toys after the success of Trash Packs, Hex-Bug, Geleez, Zelf, Mini-licious (which I searched nearly the whole of Australia for last Christmas as it was a sell-out) and Beados….just to name a few.



There is a whole array of items in the Shopkins range to help you build your own little shopping world.

There are over 140 Shopkins characters to collect. They come in a 2 pack, 5 pack or 12 pack. There is also a range of play sets with movable and interactive features which all connect together. The Shopkins experience even ventures on-line in Shopkins World where you can find all things Shopkins including activities and series of webisodes (see below) featuring some cute Shopkins characters.



From a parents perspective they are probably just another thing that will send you broke 🙂 (as most of these collectable things do). During the height of the Trash Pack phase in our house, I was finding little bins and trashies every where! But this time instead of little bins everywhere we have little shopping baskets. Don’t judge me, but I often use these types of toys as bribes or rewards. At $2.99 for a pack of Shopkins, it’s a small price to pay when you need some encouragement for good behaviour.




So what did Miss J (my eight year old daughter) think of the Shopkins? Well that’s probably a no-brainer as you can tell by her video below (which she wanted to do, I swear she will be an actress or something!). Miss J knew what they were as soon as I pulled the packet out of the box “Shopkins, shopkins, I love shopkins” (I’m serious, that’s word-for word).  When she talks about Shopkins she tends to use the word adorable quite often. For an eight year old girl the Shopkins tick all the boxes.  Little L (4 years) also loved the Shopkins and Miss J and him will often play Shopkins together.



All-in-all the Shopkins are lots of fun for the kids. They have fun collecting all the different characters and playing with the playsets to create their own little shopping world. Shopkins encourage role playing and imagination. Even though I will be (continually) hassled for Shopkins for at least the next few months I think they are reasonably priced and will make great stocking stuffers this Christmas.


Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: I received a selection of Shopkins characters and a Bakery Playset to facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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