Superheroes without the capes

Guest post from Bonza Brats

Dad looks like a regular guy in his office suit. Mum on the other hand is pretty much, well, everybody else’s mum. They go to work, take care of their kids, hang out with their own friends sometimes, but are your eyes telling you all there is to know about them? Are they really just the regular people like the ones you meet on the streets? Or maybe you were too preoccupied to figure out that real heroes are living under your roof?

Bonza Brats, one of Australia’s leading kids fashion leader, is now partnering with Mummahh and letting you in on the real secrets that your parents have. They have superhero powers. And while Superman is rendered powerless when exposed to Kryptonite, Mums and Dads could have several powers and won’t crumble as easily. Show this infographic to your parents and who knows? They might tell you about your own powers too.

Why Mums And Dads Are Superheroes Without The Capes – An infographic by the team at Bonza Brats™

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