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The Chocolate Diet : 6 week update

May 5, 2013 Health Comments Off on The Chocolate Diet : 6 week update

So it’s been six weeks since I started my 8 week challenge on The Chocolate Diet.

Over the last six weeks I have lost an average of 500g per week. This is pretty good because I have done minimal exercise, actually next to no exercise. I also have thyroid problems, which I take medication for although even with the medication I still find it hard to lose weight. As you get older your metabolism seems to slow and with the thyroid issue I feel I’m fighting a losing battle sometimes.

Now if you haven’t read my previous posts you can go back and read all about what The Chocolate Diet is here and my 2 week update here.

I am really happy with this diet. I never fell hungry an the shakes taste great – no really, they taste so good I actually sometimes think they mixed up the packaging with some other chocolate drink!

I had a lovely chat with a lady from The Chocolate Diet this week. A consultant rings each week to keep you motivated and to go through any diet-related problems you are facing. Mine this week was NOT eating enough!!! I keep forgetting to have my morning and afternoon tea. The consultant gave me a great tip to set an alarm on my phone so I know to grab an apple or snack. Skipping these snacks actually slows your metabolism and sends you into “starvation mode” – slowing down weight loss. So eating small meals regularly increases your metabolism and you burn more fat.

So my start weight was 85.5 and I am down to 80.8. My clothes are fitting better and I feel good.

I have 2 weeks left on my 8 week challenge and I hope to get under 80 by then. I am motivated to get there but The Chocolate Diet fits in so well with my busy lifestyle and being all about chocolate makes it easy to stick to the diet.

If you are looking to lose a bit of weight you can buy The Chocolate Diet at Priceline.


Disclaimer: As with ALL products reviewed – no payment was received however I was supplied with an 8 week supply of The Chocolate Diet to trial and review. The ideas and views expressed in this review are my own – good and bad.

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