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Things I hate

January 25, 2013 Lifestyle Comments Off on Things I hate


I have been thinking about doing this post for a while, but everyday there seems to be something else to add. Finally I have decided enough is enough and I’m going to just go for gold.

I am going to vent, have a whinge, get it out there. You may agree. You may not.

But these are the things I hate.

My mother always said “hate is a very strong word” so maybe these are the things I dislike or these are the things that annoy me.

However I word it,  these things tick me off.

Things I hate in no particular order:


– Mondays (cue the Boom Town Rats)

– missing the bus by mere seconds after running like a weird zombie person to try and catch it

– the people that use that pole in the vestibule of a packed train as a leaning post so no one can hold on to it

– people who don’t use deodorant and use the same jam-packed train/bus I am on

– people who tell you how to parent even though they don’t have (or come into regular contact with) children

– standing in a shop waiting to be served while the 2 sales people talk amongst themselves and ignore you

– when my daycare lady tells me what a good sleeper my 2 year old is which translates to “Good luck getting him to sleep tonight”

– people who are super happy and perky ALL the time even when really bad stuff is happening

– those nights when all I want to do is veg in front of the tele and there is nothing but crap on

– realising I need petrol only to find it’s nearly 30 cents more expensive than it was yesterday

– parents who think there really naughty, nasty children are angels who can do no wrong

– not being able to sleep when I really need to

– people who talk really loudly on their mobile on public transport

– tailgaters or as I like to call them “arse bandits”

– people who dislike me without even knowing me

– really hot humid nights

– people who don’t use earphones with their “music device” on public transport and subject me to their bad music

– know-it-alls

– bullies

– dealing with Centrelink/Family Assistance

– lazy incompetent people at work who seem to get awards for just doing their job properly

– real estate agents

– phone salespeople who call while I’m bathing/feeding 3 kids and want to discuss problems with my computer operating system

– trying on something that looks great on the hanger but makes me look like a witchety grub wrapped in fabric

– the justice system


– blatant queue jumpers or even better the ones that just step in front of you like you won’t even notice

So that’s probably enough of a rant for now *sigh I do feel much better.

There are things I love and I promise to do a post soon of all those things but for now I can sleep well knowing I have this off my chest.


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