Tips to get your kids eating their school lunch

Ever wonder if your kids actually eat their school lunch ?

Do they swap it or even chuck it out?

New research shows that 3 in every 5 (62%) Australian kids admit they don’t like the food that is packed into their school lunch box. And you’re not alone if you’ve found left over food uneaten in your kids lunch box, with close to 4 in 5 parents finding the same!

Almost half (47%) of Aussie kids admit they throw away their school lunch in the bin and 75% of children would prefer to have different lunch choices every day.

So how do we get our kids to eat their lunch? have enlisted the help of kids foodie experts the One Handed Cooks to help make mundane lunch boxes more exciting. If you are looking for some new things to pop into your childs lunchbox then visit where you will find some delicious ideas (that I might pack for my lunch too).   I have picked a couple of yummy lunchbox ideas which I think my kids would love (below), just click on the picture for the recipe 🙂

 These Beef and Vege Sausage Rolls look delicious!



Or how about some Lamb Kofta Sticks…



One Handed Cooks 10 Tips To Make The Lunch Box More Exciting

  1. Avoid including the same food prepared in the same way in the lunch box over two consecutive days.
  2. Ensure the food you include is easy to eat, as kids are usually ready to run around and play during their breaks from the classroom.
  3. Maintain a variety of foods at both meal and snack time – aim to include two options at each snack, i.e. yoghurt and fruit or dip and vegetables.
  4. If you are including a new food item make sure there are at least two other nutritious items you know they will accept and enjoy.
  5. Always remember it can take 10 – 20 exposures to a new food before your child may feel comfortable enough to accept it and enjoy it.
  6. Trial Bento style lunch boxes, which cater to children’s natural desire for choice
  7. Giving food ‘life’ can encourage kids to gobble up their lunch. Adding a face or personality to food will give your kids an added interest in eating their lunch.
  8. Keep your fridge, freezer and pantry well stocked with homemade snacks, fresh food and nutritious staples so healthy items are readily available.
  9. Avoid unhealthy habits your children may begin to expect and demand.
  10. Try new foods at home as well as in their lunch box to encourage acceptance.


One Handed Cooks Time and Money Saving Tips

  1. Create a weekly meal plan for both school lunch boxes and family meals.
  2. Make the most of leftover meals and transform into portable lunch box snacks – if they ate it last night, it is more likely they’ll tuck in at lunch. You can also get them to help you prep dinner the night before – they will then be more inclined to eat the leftovers for next day’s lunch.
  3. Shop smart by looking out for weekly specials on your favourite nutritious ingredients.
  4. Cook in bulk and freeze in small portions.
  5. Choose fruit and vegetables, which are in season.
  6. Use ingredients you have already in your fridge and pantry.


If you’re looking for more great recipe ideas for the school lunch box visit where you’ll find a whole heap of tasty recipes, tips and information which will get your kids eating their lunch – woo hoo 🙂


Love Mummahh


About the research: A total of 1,045 Australian parents and their children aged 5-16 years were interviewed. Surveys were distributed throughout Australia including both capital city and non-capital city areas. Fieldwork commenced on Friday 19 December 2014 and was completed on Tuesday 5 January 2015.

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