solid foods for 4-6 month old

What solid foods do you feed a 4 to 6 month old baby?

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Starting solids can sometimes be confusing for new mums often due to conflicting advice you may receive from well-meaning friends, health professionals and various authorities. I have always been a big advocate of ‘what’s best for you and your baby’. With my first child I read loads of parenting books and did what I thought was the ‘correct’ way but I soon found that my intuition as a mother kicked in and you can usually know when your baby is ready.

Opinions differ about introducing solids. The World Health Organisation recommend that starting baby on solids should begin around the age of 6 months, in addition to liquid (breast or bottle), this is the same recommendation found in the Australian Government Infant Feeding Guidelines. Whilst it’s clear that solids for babies should not be introduced prior to 4 months of age it is generally agreed solids should be introduced between 4 and 6 months when your baby shows ‘readiness’.

So the next question is what to feed a 4 to 6 month old baby.

Thankfully with trusted brands like Heinz Infant, feeding baby solids is easy. When introducing solids to babies it’s important to ensure the texture is appropriate for the age. It’s also important to ensure that you include some iron rich foods liked pureed meat, poultry, legumes and beans. Heinz Infant has a varied range of nutritious options for all stages of development: 4+, 6+, 8+ and 12+ months.

The Heinz infant pouch and jar range uses quality ingredients and where possible are sourced from Australian suppliers. The pumpkin is from country Victoria and the apples, pears and peaches come from Goulburn Valley. There is a great deal of thought put into recipes to make them not only tasty and age appropriate but also nutritious. The recipes are approved by Heinz’s nutritionists, who are also mums, so they know what growing babies need for development and taste.

solid foods for 4 to 6 month old

Heinz Infant range has ‘only the good stuff’. The meals have no added sugar and are steam cooked and heat sealed in jars, cans and pouches to lock in flavours and prevent the need for preservatives. Heinz Infant can be used as an add-on to a home prepared meal but you can be confident that they are a complete meal on their own. I found the Heinz Infant pouches were particularly handy for when I was out and about.

With Heinz Infant you have the option of a healthy baby food, already prepared giving you more time to spend with your baby.

To find out more about the Heinz Infant range visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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