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What’s for dinner?

August 24, 2013 Uncategorized Comments Off on What’s for dinner?

What’s for dinner? Bloody hell I’m so sick of everyone asking. Well actually, by that I mean I’m sick of hearing my kids ask it constantly.

If I had a dollar for every time one of my kids asked me this I’d be a millionaire 🙂

Gone are the days of if I didn’t feel like cooking I could have two minute noodles or a bowl of cereal. These days I don’t have the luxury of caring only for myself, I have three mouths to feed and not only that I need to factor good nutrition into the mix. 

Oh my. It’s a constant struggle to find something for the family dinner and we have been in a rut. 

Sausages. Chicken breast and salad. Sunday roast – not the “Master Chef” style roast I mean the one where you chuck everything in the pan and put in in the oven for a while and then serve it up a few hours later. 

In between we can have anything from baked beans and scrambled eggs to some kind of takeaway. Both my husband and I work full time, we have three kids between 3 and 9 and to be totally honest the last thing we feel like doing when we get home is cook dinner. 

Every day is the same. After a long day at work  we walk in the door to find the house exactly as it was left from the morning mayhem. If you didn’t know any better you would think our house had been ransacked. Pyjamas dumped randomly where each child has chosen to get dressed, half empty cereal bowls and the remnants of a rushed brekkie, socks strewn everywhere from everyone looking for a matching pair, toys and lounge cushions everywhere…. and if we are lucky last nights washing up because we where too tired to clean up.

Once we are in the door it’s cleanup, homework, baths, dinner, bed – oh it sounds so easy but this is a long drawn out (very painful and exhausting) 3 – 4 hours in our household.

But I had enough. I decided I wanted something different for dinner. It can’t be that hard – can it?

So when we went shopping I looked for some new things to whip up for dinner. 

The criteria is:
– quick
– easy
– not too expensive
– everyone likes it (including the 3 year old)
Anything else is a bonus.

So this is the first thing I found (and by the way this is not a sponsored post and I have no idea about this brand except I got it at Coles) – Passage to Sri Lanka Coconut and Cashew Chicken.


It uses chicken breast which is inexpensive and everyone (in my family) likes. It was quick and easy to prepare and (praise the lord) everyone loved it.
It cost $4 something for the packet and we had it with rice – Winner!!
Or as my son said “winner winner chicken dinner”

This was seriously delicious and would recommend it as a yummy family meal which you could add a side of greens to if you wanted to get fancy.

I would love to hear about what you guys do for dinner. Got any quick easy family recipes you want to share?? What about meal kits or flavour/marinade sachet thingys??
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