Wagyu Shōga & Harissa Hummus Chicken

Crust Gourmet Pizza – Simply Better

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Crust Pizza Simply Better Range

Last week I was invited to an exclusive little soiree at Bondi beach. Sounds pretty good, well it gets better.

The event was to introduce the new Simply Better Range from Crust Gourmet Pizza. (Yay! Pizza!) A beautiful evening at Bondi beach, pizza and some blogger friends – I’d call that a pretty good night. When I arrived at the Bondi Beach Pavillion forecourt there was no way to miss the Crust food truck that had been set up for the event.

Crust Pizza Simply Better Range

Crust has always been known for it’s gourmet and innovative pizzas and have continued to push the boundaries by creating new taste sensations. I remember thinking when Crust first opened in my local area – where have these guys been all my life! It was so refreshing to see something other than the norm and this time they have created the Simply Better Range which consists of three super yummy pizzas.

The Simply Better Range is all about nutritious fresh ingredients, paddock to plate housed cooked meats and healthier bases.

Crust Pizza Simply Better Range

The Simply Better range includes three new pizzas – Biltong Spiced Lamb, Harissa Hummus Chicken and Wagyu Shōga.

It also introduces new healthier spelt and wholemeal bases. As part of the launch of the new range Crust have highlighted that their franchisees buy fresh produce locally while selected meats are sourced from Australian farms through a stringent ‘paddock to plate’ traceability program.

“Our new ‘paddock to plate’ message is about traceability; our lamb is sourced from Australian pastures located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia and our Wagyu beef is sourced from the finest Wagyu genetics bred in Chinchilla Queensland” Crust General Manager Renee North

Crust Pizza simply Better Range

To make things even more delicious, the lamb and ground beef meats will now be marinated, seasoned and roasted in house. At the event I got to taste test the meats separate to the pizza – YUM. My favourite was the Biltong Spiced Lamb which was delicious and tender and just melted in my mouth, so it’s no surprise that the Biltong Spiced Lamb pizza was also my favourite.

Some of the new ingredients you’ll find as part of the Simply Better range are harissa hummus, ginger, chickpeas, broccolini, almond slivers and preserved lemon yoghurt.

Wagyu Shōga & Harissa Hummus Chicken

Above:Wagyu Shōga (top) and Biltong Spiced Lamb (bottom)


Wagyu Shōga & Biltong Spiced Lamb

Above: Wagyu Shōga (top) and Biltong Spiced Lamb (bottom)

All three of the Simply Better Range Crust pizzas are delicious but I highly recommend the Biltong Spiced Lamb, it just has so much flavour – a party in my mouth! The new pizzas are $21 for large. You can connect with Crust on instagram @crust_pizza and for more information about the new Simply Better range or to order a delicious Crust pizza visit the Crust Gourmet Pizza website. 


Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Crust. I attended a launch event to trial the new Crust Simply Better Range. This is a sponsored post, I received a nominal payment for my time to write this post.


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