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Change the Way You Eat – The psychology of food

by Leanne Cooper BA (Psych/Ed), GCertHumNutr


There are so many diets around it can boggle your mind. A very interesting book came my way recently which gets down to the real problem facing many dieters – our emotional relationship with food.

Change the Way You Eat isn’t a diet or magical weight loss plan.

It explains things like what actually makes us hungry, the connection between the brain and hunger. Learn about the pleasure of food right through to food cravings. It’s quite fascinating to learn about the internal factors we deal with but also the external factors which influence what we eat.

Change the Way You Eat teaches you to change behaviours, explains how habits are formed. You know how some habits are just ingrained like adding salt to a meal before tasting! (you know you do it!). Once we understand the psychology of food it makes it much easier to eat better, healthier and with a new love of food πŸ™‚


Change the Way You Eat is a must read for anyone setting out on a quest to a healthier life.


Change the Way You Eat will help you discover how:

β€’ our stage of life, gender, financial resources and values all influence our food choices

β€’ branding, packaging and labelling combine to manipulate our shopping habits

β€’ our inbuilt taste preferences can determine the food we’re drawn to, and how to reprogram them

β€’ our environment β€” from the type of music playing while we eat to the number of people we eat with β€” can all affect our eating habits

β€’ our personality and emotions can determine our food choices and habits, and

β€’ we can implement our newfound knowledge to take back control of our plate, become conscious eaters and gain real enjoyment from nourishing ourselves in a way that promotes long-term health and happiness.


About the author

Leanne Cooper is an author, educator, nutrition consultant and advisor. A registered nutritionist, she is the founder and director of Cadence Health (Australia, NZ, UK), dedicated to the improvement of community health through the provision of training, resources, books and information. Leanne initially trained to be a childhood psychologist but gradually shifted her focus to health. Change the Way You Eat combines both areas of expertise β€” psychology and nutrition β€” as Leanne delivers her message that by understanding the psychology of food we can take back control of our health.


Change the Way You Eat – The psychology of food by Leanne Cooper was published October 2014 it is available from and wherever good books are sold. RRP $29.99 and is also available as an ebook.


Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Change the Way you Eat – The psychology of food by Leanne Cooper to facilitate this review/post.

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