Coco Banana Green Smoothie Recipe

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I think that green smoothies get a bad wrap.

People who aren’t ‘into them’ (like my mum) think they taste a bit blended grass clippings or something, but they don’t have to and many green smoothies I make are quite ‘sweet’, yummy and very nutritious.

There are a few things I love about smoothies. The first is they’re easy to make, secondly they make a great meal when you’re on-the-go and lastly, but most importantly they can assist greatly with your health and well being.


I’ve been on Lite n Easy for the last month or so and although it’s been fantastic I’ve felt my diet has been lacking in good fats. I started Lite n Easy for convenience – 70% and weight loss – 30%, prior to this my diet consisted of mainly high fat (good ones), low sugar and unprocessed foods (where possible). So a quick and easy remedy for my good fat dilemma? Whip up a green smoothie!

Just so we know, very basically – bad fats are trans and saturated, good fats are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.

I use a blender for most of my smoothies (rather than a juicer). I find this gives you more of the good stuff like fibre and makes the smoothie, well thicker and less juicy! There are so many blenders on the market but Tefal have a cool little contraption called the Soup & Co which will make your smoothies (and cocktails!) but also has a heating blender which blends and cooks soups!!


A blender that makes smoothies and cooks soup!

So my need for fat (again good ones) led me to creating the Coco Banana Green Smoothie. It has chia which is full of omega-3, fibre and protein; avocado packed with good fats and coconut oil – I could go on and on about the benefits of this stuff!

The banana and coconut add a nice sweetness. The Coco Banana makes a great breakfast smoothie which will keep you feeling full right up until lunch.

Coco Banana Green Smoothie

I’d love to hear some of your smoothie creations, leave me a comment below with your go to smoothie.

Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Tefal Soup & Co. I received a nominal fee for my time however these are my own words and all opinions expressed (and the recipe) are my own.

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