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Harriet Clare’s Secret Notebooks

Much to the delight of my nine-year-old daughter, last week I received the first two books in the Harriet Clare’s Secret Notebook series to review. Given that my daughter is the perfect age for these books it made a bit more sense to hand them over and see what she had to say.

Her review: I love these books!

Harriet Clare's secret Notebooks

The first two books in the series, Boys Beware and Pinkie Swear invite the reader into the crazy, fun-filled world of Harriet Clare. Harriet is your normal everyday girl, which is probably why my daughter found these books so relatable. The books are hand written just like a real notebook or journal and they have engaging, interactive activities throughout. Miss J particularly liked the paint your nails one – pictured above.

My daughter loves secret diaries and journals and this book is perfect.




As you read through the book and complete the activities you are really helping finish the story. If you are looking for a book that your daughter will want to read, then this is it.  This fun series is very cleverly written to include problem solving, self understanding and empathy (friends and looking after them are very important to Harriet).




Author Louise Park, known for her previous best sellers Zac and Boy v Beast.


Louise draws on a strong background in education and literacy having taught primary school children of all ages, trained teachers in literacy education, and created and developed successful reading resources to help children crack the reading code.

Harriet Clare's Secret Notebook

The first two books in the series, Boys Beware and Pinkie Swear (Hinkler Books, $14.99), are laugh-out-loud funny and relatable adventures for readers looking for a good friend like Harriet.

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Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: I received review copies of Harriet Clare Boys Beware and Pinky Swear. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.

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