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Give the gift of reading to kids this Christmas

From young ones to young adult, this selection of books has it all

You can’t go past books when it It comes to Christmas gifts. Below is a selection of great kids books covering everything from fantastical adventures, a courageous story of resilience of a young migrant Giovanni. Summer Change is a relatable story for young adults. Riz Chester, a neurodiverse character who discovers her passion for forensic science.

I love Xander and the Pen, a story about Xander who finds a magical pen – sounds great, what could go wrong? Butterfly Girl is a beautiful story with lovely illustrations and includes instructions for building a butterfly-friendly garden.

Butterfly Girl
Ashling Kwok and Arielle Li

Olivia loves butterflies, and she is super sad when her family moves from a house in the countryside to a city apartment, as it means she has to leave her butterfly friends behind.
Feeling lonely without her fluttering friends, she realizes she needs to transform her bare apartment balcony into a butterfly-friendly garden if she wants her friends to visit — and that turns out to be a great way to meet her new neighbours too!

Hardcover picture book | $24.99 | For ages 4-8 . Find out more information here.

Xander and the Pen
David Lawrence and Illustrated by Cherie Dignam

Xander and The Pen – David Lawrence and Cherie Dignam

In this second book in this spellbinding series from Melbourne author David Lawrence.
Xander, a boy who loves to draw superheroes, buys a pen from a mysterious market stall. He soon learns that the pen has a magical power. At first, the pen improves life for Xander’s family and friends, but there are unintended consequences. As events spiral out of control, Xander has a new set of problems to solve, and a big decision to make.

Paperback |$16.99 | Middle Grade Fiction for ages 8-12. Find out more information here

Crystal Corocher and illustrated by Margeaux Davis

Crystal Corocher and Margeaux Davis

In the tradition of great high seas adventure stories of times passed, with one key difference – this is a true story! The epic adventure of four-year-old Giovanni and the journey that could have ended his life, bringing him instead to start a new adventure in a new country, Australia.

As an added bonus this migrant story is told in bilingual text, giving kids the opportunity to experience the story in both English and Italian.

Hardback | $24.99 | Picture Book for ages 4-10. Find out more information here.

Riz Chester. The Fingerprint Code
R.A. Stephens and illustrated by Em Hammond

Cover of Riz Chester: The Fingerprint Code
Riz Chester: The Fingerprint Code – R.A. Stephens & Em Hammond

Riz Chester has a passion for forensic science. When something goes missing Riz recruits her friends, and breaks out her fingerprint tools. How can they work out what happened when no one will even tell them what is missing? And is the mark left behind in the music room really a fingerprint?

This is the second book in the series, which features a neurodiverse lead character and plenty of forensic detail that kids will love.

Paperback | $12.99 | Junior Fiction for ages 6-10. Find out more information here.

Pepper Masalah and the Giant Bird
Roseanne Hawke and illustrated by Jasmine Berry

Cover of  Masalah and the Giant Bird - Rosanne Hawke & Jasmine Berry
Masalah and the Giant Bird – Rosanne Hawke & Jasmine Berry

This is the third book in a magical series that readers who love Tashi will adore. In this exciting story the flying carpet is shot at over Afghanistan and the Simurgh (a giant bird from Persian folklore) snatches Pepper the cat from the carpet to feed her young when they hatch. The carpet is disorientated without Pepper and disappears after our hero Zam falls off. He makes the long climb up the mountain to find Pepper. How will they get home to Australia without the carpet?

Paperback | $11.99 | Junior Fiction for ages 6-10. Find out more information here.

Summer Change
Melissa Wray

Summer Change
Melissa Wray

A secret. A holiday. A Summer like never before. Shae knows her parents are keeping something from her and is determined to find out what. But nothing can prepare her for what they are hiding. A coming-of-age story about 17-year-old Shae who is learning that relationships, deception, secrets and love can all blend together and change everything.

Paperback | $19.99 | Young Adult Fiction. Find out more information here.

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