Jamie Oliver and Woolworths – Add to trolley!

I love cooking nice food, ‘restaurant quality’ as my husband would call it. Cooking these kind of meals can be hard when you’re time poor like me. You have to plan ahead. Work out the menu and then check what ingredients you need to buy in the weekly shop.

It’s so annoying when you plan to cook a nice fancy meal only to find out your missing an ingredient or two. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go online, pick a yummy recipe, order the ingredients and then have them delivered to your door?

Well now you can!

I’ve just tried out a new feature on the Jamie Oliver website. It’s called ‘Add to trolley’ because um, well, that’s exactly what you do. I have been a long time user of online grocery shopping. It’s so much easier than dragging three kids round the supermarket on the weekend.

So how does Add to Trolley work?

It’s simple.

You just browse all the yummo recipes at and choose the one/s you want to cook. I chose to cook the Tray-baked Lamb with Aubergine, Tomatoes, Olives, Garlic and Mint Oil ย  ย {drool}

Tray-baked lamb with aubergines, tomatoes, olives, garlic & mint oil

After you have chosen your recipe you just scroll down to the ingredients and click on the Buy Ingredients at Woolworths button.

Woolworths Add to Trolley function


A little window will pop up showing the ingredients. This is were you have the chance to add or minus ingredients. You might already have tomatoes so just delete them. You might want to make double the quantity so you could add extra. Totally up to you.


Woolworths Add to Trolley function



There are some nifty features as well. You can choose ingredients based on what matters to you – cost, quality or ethical? You can do this for all ingredients or pick and choose for each individual one.

Once you’ve finalised all your ingredients you just click the Add To Trolley button and you will be transferred to the Woolworths website. If you don’t have an online shopping account with Woolworths you can easily do this now or once you checkout. If you have an account you will just login. You will also be given the option to continue browsing the recipes on the Jamie Oliver website or checkout. It’s all very easy to follow and you are prompted with clear instructions all through the process.

I’m loving this add to trolley thing and will give it a whirl next time I have a dinner party or just feel like whipping up a Jamie Oliver meal.

So how did my lamb dish go? I got my ingredients delivered to my door and then followed the recipe on my iPad mini in the kitchen. It was super cool knowing I had everything I needed.

Popped it all in the pan….




…..and the final product was delicious. I loooved the mint oil. YUM. The kids loved it too – Win Win!!




Let me know if you try out the Woolworths Add to Trolley and what you think of it.




Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Woolworths $50 Voucher to trial the Add to Trolley function. Apart from this voucher I received no payment for this post and the opinions expressed are completely my own.

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