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A healthly rant

I wouldn’t say I’m on a health kick but lately I’ve been doing a bit of research into health, diet and exercise.

People who know me and regular readers of my blog will know it’s no secret I am {constantly} trying to lose the extra weight I’ve been carrying since the birth of my first child ten years ago. Before this I was ‘skinny’ some may have thought too skinny. When I was thirty I was doing yoga three times a week, wasn’t eating particularly well and without children had a pretty full social life. Those were the glory days, where I could go into a shop, pick up a size 10 and not even try it on because I knew it would fit or be too big.

Now, ten years later, with three kids, an extra 15 kilos and an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) it’s becoming increasingly harder for me to lose weight. In addition the older I get it becomes increasingly important that I do lose weight to prevent diabetes, reduce my high cholesterol and be as healthy as possible for both myself and my young family.

One of the things that has interested me lately is Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar books and website. She has a similar thyroid issue to me and most of what she says, well actually all of it so far, makes sense. I have made a few of the recipes from her second book I Quit Sugar for Life {I did a blog post on this book} which have been pretty good. I am thiiiis close to joining her I Quit Sugar 8WP but … See although Sarah and I have a similar thyroid condition that’s probably were our similarity ends.

Making no comparison to Sarah as everyone’s life ‘is what it is’ but mine goes a bit like this. I work full time with a 1hr+ commute each way, I have three young children and life is chaotic most all of the time. Sticking to the I Quit Sugar 8WP would involve a huge amount of change for my family, particularly when it comes to feeding my kids. They are fussy at the best of times! It’s a real shame as I would love to do the 8WP but I worry it’s not completely ‘family friendly’.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not bagging Sarah’s 8WP. I have the same issue with most of the lifestyle plans out there including the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, (which I have attempted). I’ve watched plenty of episodes of the Biggest Loser and I am fully aware that if Michelle Bridges was reading this (or Shannon or the Commando) they would just say I’m making excuses.

Maybe I am making excuses, but life happens and I’m just not sure my kids will chow down a plate of quinoa, pumpkin and kale salad and declare “that was great mum can I have seconds”. Sometimes I can’t get up at 4 in the morning to fit in my 40 minute workout before I prepare my sugar free breakfast, and pack my healthy lunch, help my husband get the kids ready for school/daycare and walk to the bus stop for my hour commute.


Again, don’t get me wrong, if I was 30 again I’d be all over this I Quit Sugar 8WP…fully pumped with a freezer full of pureed veges and a cupboard chockers with cacao, stevia and coconut oil.

But I’m not 30 and I have a young family and a pretty busy life.

So back to my research into health, diet and exercise. I had a thought, why can’t I adapt all these plans to suit my lifestyle and more importantly my family as a whole?

I know you need to exercise at least five times a week for at least 20 minutes (40 is better). I know you need to eat healthy, nutritious, portion controlled meals. I’m learning more on the no sugar (fructose) and full fat theories explained very well by Sarah Wilson and others and I’m getting right into fermentation and Kombucha (a delicious drink that I will blog more about later) thanks to Alice Nicholls at her fab blog The Whole Daily.

For now, I am taking myself on a journey to wellness through education and what works best for me and adding things to our lifestyle along the way.





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