My never ending washing

My washing is never ending. I get through a heap and it just keeps reappearing. It’s like that silver silicone dude in the movie Terminator – you think you’ve killed it and it just reforms and comes at you.

It doesn’t help having an eight year old daughter who can have up to 4-5 ‘costume changes’ a day! It seems the dress she puts on Saturday morning just doesn’t cut it by about 10am, and it will be thrown in the dirty washing and swapped for something more suitable for the next activity {repeated throughout the day}.

My washing needs no help to ‘pile up’. I have three school aged kids, so that’s three lots of uniforms. Then there’s soccer uniforms, swimming costumes, my daily gym clothes, clothes for work for my husband and I, bed clothes and towels etc etc….

LG Smart Washer

Actual photo of my washing pile (there is a washing basket under there)

But I have been saved.

A big truck arrived at my house and inside was something I have waited my whole life for, something to ease my heavy washing burden and reduce my MASSIVE washing pile.

LG Smart Washer

Inside was a brand new LG Smart Washer.

The LG Smart Washer has only just arrived in Australia and I was lucky enough to be gifted one to try out. And if that alone wasn’t exciting enough, this washing machine is actually very, very smart.

I mean just look at it. It’s beautiful.

LG Smart Washer

My previous washing machine had a 5.5kg capacity. The LG Smart Washer is 9.5kg!!! There are so many great features I don’t really know where to start. Well firstly it’s a (very) good looking washing machine, secondly it has a large capacity so you can power through the largest of dirty washing piles. But one of these most noteable features of the LG Smart Washer is what you find when you lift the lid.

This washer has a Smart Drum with no oscilator/agitator. Why is it so smart? Well I can answer that for you. There is a built-in load sensor which automatically detects and measures the laundry load and microprocessor optimises washing conditions such as ideal water consumption and washing time.

What that means is, you put the washing in and this machine will {automatically} work out the water level and how much detergent is needed PLUS how to and how long to wash it. SMART. The LG Smart Washer is also polite – it sings to you when you turn it on and again once it’s finished. I nearly lost it the first time I heard it’s sweet little tune. “It sings, it sings” I started screaming with joy. The kids thought I’d lost the plot, one day they will understand 🙂

LG Smart Washer

A couple of loads later and I have all but demolished my dirty washing pile. In fact I’m now searching the house looking for things I can wash. I’ve washed everyones doona – yes it has a Duvet Function – and I’ve even started eyeing off the curtains.

For now I am in a washing frenzy and trying out all the buttons, functions and settings. I will report back soon with my verdict on the new LG Smart Washer.

Wash on….

Edit: People have been asking how much the LG Smartwasher is. The 9.5kg that I trial is RRP $1499 and the 7.5kg is RRP $1149. You should be able to find a cheaper deal if you shop around. More info can be found here.

Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: I received an LG 9.5kg Smartwasher valued at RRP $1499 to facilitate this review and this previous post. I also attended the (launch) media event at my own expense where I was part of a media Q&A session.

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