IGA Classic Steak Sandwich

The perfect lunch for dad

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow and here’s a lunch idea Dad will love.

IGA sent me a bag of goodies earlier this week, full of ingredients needed to guarantee the best Father’s Day lunch ever (not too mention a few boutique beers!).

IGA Classic Steak Sandwich

The IGA bag of goodies.

The bag of goodies came with a challenge to make Dad the best ever Classic Steak Sandwich. Lucky for us this is one of my husband’s favourite dishes. The ingredients were ‘premo’ which was no surprise really, whether it’s snags on the BBQ or fancy fine dining IGA have everything you need to make Dad feel special tomorrow. In fact, IGA have seen a growth in customer interest of their organic ranges. Sales of Waygu Beef are also on the rise along with premium mince and gourmet condiments growing in popularity thanks to the rise of gourmet hamburger restaurants.

We’ll be out of the house for most of Father’s Day so we decided to cook up our Classic Steak Sandwich for dinner tonight – Father’s Day Eve. My husbandย  made them (he actually wanted to) and they were delicious!

IGA Classic Steak Sandwich

Preparing all the ingredients.

If what they say is true – ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ –ย  then this steak sandwich will be winning hearts.

IGA Classic Steak Sandwich

The finished sandwich – it was delicious!

The real winner on this steak sandwich was the Mersey Valley cheese – SOOO GOOD!!! You can get the recipe for this Classic Steak Sandwich with Chilli Mayo the IGA website. You’ll find a whole heap of great spring fresh recipes on the IGA Spring Fresh website.

To all the Dad’s out there I hope you have an awesome day!

Love Mummahh

Image Source for top picture: http://www.iga.com.au/spring-fresh/

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