Choosing a deodorant…for a man

In a recent shopping expedition I was encountered with a bit of a challenge.

My husband had asked me to get some deodorant – for him.

“What kind do you like?” I asked.

“Anything. Not fussy” was his answer. I find answers such as this about as helpful as poking a stick in my eye.

When I choose a deodorant there are a few considerations. It obviously has to work: stop me sweating. How it smells (or doesn’t smell) is also pretty important. I tend to like more mild ‘baby powder’ smells rather than floral perfumey type smells. Whilst I’m sure my husband would be happy with a deodorant that stops him sweating I doubt he is going to be ok with smelling like baby powder??

So my dilemma – what deodorant to choose for him? It’s nearly impossible to smell the deodorants in the supermarket unless you do a sneaky spray into the cap while no-one is looking. Maybe the supermarkets should consider testers like at the perfume counters. I know I’ve bought a few deodorants in my time that (ironically) have stunk!

I was using fairly cheap spray deodorant until  early last year when it seemed to stop working (or I started sweating more). During summer, I found by the end of the day I reeked and my spray deod just wasn’t cutting it. I decided to try the Rexona Clinical Deodorant which claimed to be more heavy duty….and I’ve never looked back.

Rexona Clinical

Even though it’s more expensive than the others I haven’t had a stinky day since. But back to choosing a deodorant for my husband, I decided to buy him what I use (but for men).

I bought the Rexona Clinical for Men, which my husband loved, smelt good and most importantly worked 🙂




Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Rexona Clinical for Men however the opinions expressed are completely my own.

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