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I train at least three times a week, sometimes up to six. I am part of a great gym were I do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions. I also work full time as a graphic designer, which means I spend a lot of time at a desk using a computer.

My lifestyle makes me prone to various physical ailments such as muscle aches and joint pain with my main areas of concern being my neck, shoulders, arms and wrists.

3M Futuro has introduced a couple of products, which I have found very helpful in easing both my elbow and wrist issues. The first of these is the 3M Futuro Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser which has been brilliant.

3M Futuro Custom Dial Wrist stabiliser

The 3M Futuro Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser is extremely easy to put on and very comfortable. It provided a lot of support for my wrist and was easily adjustable throughout the day if required. The custom dials are thanks to the innovative Boa Technology Inc closure system meaning you can adjust the target support and pressure with the twist of a dial.

This product is designed to provide protection and support to injured, weak or post-cast wrists and it can also help relieve symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The video below shows how easy the Support is to put on and adjust.



I usually go to the gym after work. Last week after a particularly intensive boxing session I wore the 3M Futuro Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser for the remainder of that evening. I’m sure working at a keyboard all day prior to the boxing session added to my woes. I found the Support gave me a great deal of relief from fatigued muscles and strain. It provided the right amount of support underneath my wrist, which I adjusted using the the custom dials. My husband tried it too and it was easily adjustable with the custom dials for his (much larger) hand.

The wrist support is provided by a metal splint that runs along the inner arm and under the wrist. You can hand wash the wrist stabiliser however you will need to remove the splint before washing.

3M Futuro Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser

The second product I tried was the 3M Futuro Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap. When wearing this I was very surprised at the benefits. I didn’t think I had too much of a ‘tennis elbow’ issue however once I placed the support on I was literally amazed at the difference it made.

3M Futuro Custom Dial Tennis Elbow

The 3M Futuro Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap has a soft gel pad that applies targeted pressure to the affected elbow tendon. Because the pressure applied from the gel pad is targeted it does not increase pressure around the entire arm, just on that specific spot. The gel pad also conforms to the shape of your arm giving extra comfort.

3M Futuro Custom Dial Tennis Elbow

The video below shows you how to wear the 3M Futuro Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap and how to adjust it to get the targeted pressure required.


The 3M Futuro Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap, as the name suggests, also uses the Boa Technology Inc closure system allowing you to adjust with the twist of a dial. It isn’t big and bulky which meant I could easily wear the Strap underneath my shirt. The 3M Futuro Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap will provide relief from pain and tenderness in the forearm which is usually caused by activities which require a strong grip or active finger movement, so it’s not just for tennis players. I don’t play tennis but use a keyboard which involves quite a lot of finger movement!

The ‘click to fit’ dials can adjust the pressure very accurately which ensures you get the right amount of pressure and support. It also means you don’t have to take the whole thing off to re-fit or adjust.

I was so impressed by the wrist stabiliser, I’ll be purchasing one for my right hand. Both of these products were extremely effective and also very comfortable.

For more information on these and the full 3M Futuro™ Custom Dial product range visit the 3M Futuro website.


Love Mummahh


Disclaimer: To facilitate this review I was supplied with both the 3M Futuro™ Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap and a 3M Futuro™ Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser. I also received a nominal fee to cover my time. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own after thoroughly reviewing and assessing these products.

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