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Arnott’s Shapes – New v Old

Arnott’s Shapes have been an Aussie favourite since the 1970’s and this year they have made some changes to the much loved range.

There’s no doubt we love Arnott’s Shapes with over 74 million boxes of Shapes eaten each year. One in two Australian households have Shapes in their homes with Shapes BBQ being the #1 selling savoury snack, with 16 million boxes eaten each year.

Arnott’s makes 25 million Shapes biscuits per day!

Arnott's Shapes

So what’s new with Shapes? Arnott’s bakers have tweaked the recipe and added more flavour. In addition to the extra flavour, they have also made the flavour particles smaller to help them stick to the biscuit better.

There are five flavours which have been ‘improved’ – BBQ, Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, Pizza and Cheese & Bacon.

New and improved shapes

There is also two new flavours in the range – Roast Chicken and Hot Dog. The new Hot Dog flavour is exclusive to Coles Supermarkets.

New Shapes Flavours

Three flavours remain unchanged – Original BBQ (not to be confused with new & improved BBQ!), Chicken Crimpy and Savoury. These are probably the most popular flavours, well at least they are in our house!

Original Shapes

For the new flavours there is new packaging.

Given that kids are honest I asked them which pack design they preferred – all three were unanimous that the new packaging was best. As you can see from the picture above, the Original BBQ is the old packaging, all other flavours in the Shapes range now have the new packaging design.

New and old Shapes Packaging

So the kids like the new packaging, and I think it’s ok, but what about the taste?

We taste tested all the flavour ‘New v Old’ and according to the kids the new biscuits won. My opinion is that both have the same amount of flavour but the new biscuits seem ‘lighter’ and less dense than the older ones.

Shapes New v old

Most people start to worry when an old favourite is reinvented. Will it be as good as the original? Well according to my kids, the new and improved Shapes get the thumbs up. They loved the Hot Dog flavour (I wasn’t a massive fan) and we all loved the Roast Chicken – which is a more seasoned version of the classic Chicken Crimpy, which has always been my favourite Shape.


Love Mummahh


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