Backyard makeover ideas

Backyard makeover ideas

What ever the size of your backyard, there are many ways to brighten things up and give it a make over.

We have a small paved backyard, which may seem a little restricting when it comes to decorating. But having a small yard, even without grass, doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful oasis.

My husband has a knack for bonsai, which has been a hobby of his for many years now. Our smaller sized backyard has many of his bonsai combined with some other larger potted plants and we have just added two white adirondack chairs, which make our outdoor space modern and inviting.


Above: Some of my husband’s bonsai handiwork.


For larger gardens there are plenty of ways to enhance the space.


Thomsons Outdoor Pine Sydney who specialise in timber design and construction have some great ideas for the home and garden. One of these is adding a deck, which gives your home a whole new living space and can add extra value to your home.

Thomsons Outdoor Pine Decks

Photo: Thomsons Outdoor Pine


If you have an extremely large garden, you might want to think about a timber lattice to section off part of the garden. This is also a great idea to shield off a particular section of your garden for storage, conceal equipment or even a hot water system!


Thomsons Outdoor Pine Screens

Photo: Thomsons Outdoor Pine


Whatever size backyard you have there are some great things you can do to make the area exactly what you want it to be. From plants to construction, it’s really just limited to your creativity and of course budget.


Love Mummahh


This post is in collaboration with Thomsons Outdoor Pine.

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