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Effortless Internet With Vividwireless

We are a data hungry family of five and need a pretty awesome internet connection to keep up with our ravenous demand. How did Vividwireless stack up to our data demands?

As many of my readers know I have three children, all of all whom are at the age where they are (constantly) using mobile devices. To be honest its almost impossible to pry them off the bloody things. We had an incident the other day where I told Big M (12 years old) to get off the iPad because he had been using it to long, fast forward five minutes to when my husband finds him playing FIFA on the Xbox “But mum told me to get off the iPad and do something else”. Well clearly the Xbox was not the something else I meant.

Watching YouTube and playing apps seems to be the biggest time consumer on their mobile devices. However out internet consumption does not end there, indeed it has just begun. We have an Xbox One and an Xbox 360 (both are connected to the internet), then throw into the mix two desktop computers, two laptops, two iPhones, two iPads, an iPod and a Smart DVD which we run Foxtel Play through… so you can see we have a few devices that require internet.


This month I’ve been trying Vividwireless. It is a little different from your average internet provider as it uses wireless connection (not cable or DSL) which means NO cables and NO access to a phone line needed! To get a little technical it uses 4G LTE internet access and provides up to 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload. Honestly, I don’t really know what that means but I do know we could do all the things we needed to like watch movies, play apps and download.

Vividwireless uses a simple ‘plug and play’ modem that will have you online within minutes – No fuss installation

I received a package, which I knew was the Vividwireless, and I have to admit I actually delayed opening it for a couple of days because I assumed it would be like all the others and take a lot of ‘set-up’. Well I was wrong, I had this baby up and running in less than five minutes. I opened the package, took out the modem and plugged it in, and that was pretty much it. My phone saw the Vividwireless Wi-Fi signal straight away and I put in the password. And that was that!

Vividwireless review

If you purchase online or over the phone, Vividwireless offer a $0 upfront modem cost on 24 month plans. This option will only set you back $10 for delivery. If you’re not keen on locking in for 24 months you can go month-to-month however you will need to buy the modem which costs $199.

If you are looking for a quick, easy and convenient way to get on line then Vividwireless ticks all the boxes.

To get started with Vividwireless only takes 3 steps:

1  Check your coverage:

Buy the modem:

3  Self-activate your internet in minutes once you get your modem

So it’s quick and easy to set up plus there’s a plan to suit everyone. Plans start at $29 per month or if you have a family like mine you might be more interested in the unlimited plan for $89 per month.

I found Vividwireless really easy to set up, and to me that was the biggest bonus. Another thing I liked was the fact we could uplug the modem and take it on school holidays with us! This meant we didn’t have to rely on other Wi-Fi options while we were away and within the Vividwireless network coverage area.

If you are looking for a convenient great value wireless internet then I would recommend Vividwireless. You can find out more by visiting

Love Mummahh


Disclaimer: I received a Vividwireless modem for a one month trial to facilitate this post and review. Whilst this post is sponsored by Vividwireless all opinions expressed are my own, and this post is an accurate account of my own use of the product/service.

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