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Treating dry, chapped lips this winter

My skin is fairly ‘normal’ but during winter I always seem to suffer from dry skin and chapped lips.

We’ve seen some pretty cold weather recently and I have to say my electric blanket has been getting a good workout of late. But it’s not when we are at home all rugged up that we will feel the full effects of winters icy chill. It’s those freezing cold mornings when I have to catch the bus that I’m exposed to the natural elements in all it’s glory.

One of the areas most at risk during winter is our lips.

They are very sensitive and thin-skinned leaving them susceptible to chaffing, dryness and redness in the colder weather. So, treating dry, chapped lips can be tricky.

paw paw lip balm

“The protective skin on our lips is four to five times thinner compared than the skin on our face. And because there are no sweat glands or hair follicles on our lips, they don’t get the same kind of natural protection that skin on other areas of our body does,” says Mr Michael Wu, General Manager, Nature’s Care Australia.

Paw Paw lip balmI have tried out the Nature’s Care Paw Paw Lip Balm and firstly noticed the lovely fruity smell. The scent isn’t over powering but is fresh and smells yummy!

The lip balm is oily rather than thick, which I really like. It feels very moisturising on my lips. Some balms I have tried are thick and gluggy and just seem to sit on the top of the lips. The best way to protect your lips from the elements is to create a barrier. While this lip balm is lighter than others it still provides a good barrier with the added bonus of locking in moisture and softening the lips.

Nature’s Care Paw Paw Balm is an all-natural base of beeswax, sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E that is hydrating and helps to protect skin from the drying effects of the elements.

Choose your lip balm wisely.

Some popular lip balms contain ingredients such as phenols or peppermint oil that help exfoliate the chapped flakes of skin from our lips. While these ingredients are great for helping to slough off dry skin, they aren’t very good at hydrating. As they encourage exfoliation, they remove the natural oils from the lips.

“Paw paw is packed with the classic ‘skin vitamins’ A, E and C and when combined in a rich premium base, it makes a wonderfully soothing balm to keep skin looking and feeling great during the colder months,” said Mr Wu.

The all-natural rich base of Nature’s Care Paw Paw Lip Balm provides nourishment and protection. It has a fresh fruity natural paw paw flavour and glides smoothly onto lips with the built-in applicator.

Some Facts for Natural Winter Protection

It’s important to stay strong and healthy during the cold winter months. It’s best to do this through as many natural means as possible. Mr Michael Wu, General Manager, Nature’s Care Australia offers ten helpful facts that will help you fight nature’s elements the natural way.

Tips for health during winter


Nature’s Care Lip Balm, 10g is available from Woolworths and Priceline stores and retails for $3.99. For more information visit and


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