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Keeping your treasures safe at home

I have only been the victim of home burglary once, and touch wood it never happens again. Thankfully no one was home when it happened and despite having what I considered more than adequate security measures we still ended up having our home robbed and quite a few of our valuables stolen.

Unfortunately theft and home burglary is something that most people need to prepare for and protect against.

The most common thing people think of is home contents insurance. There are also the features you can install like key window locks, deadlocks, window bars and screens and home alarms. Anything that could act as a deterrent to thieves is going help your home be more protected.

Another way to keep all your special items secured is a safe.

Everyone has those special items that they keep stashed away in that ‘special place’. The safe has been common in commercial use for many years but having one at home makes a lot of sense. For families that are on tight budget, there are companies that offer affordable delivery and installation. You can also try checking out reconditioned safes at City Safes as this option is cheaper and more economical.

But what’s to stop some thief picking up the safe and taking it with them? Well according to City Safes it is recommended that any safe under 300kg should be bolted by blue tip calliber bolts to add to it’s security. They can also install home safes with mounting plates for alarms and additional bolt facilities for rear bolting.

City Safes

You can replace most furniture and electrical appliances but it’s those family treasures and heirlooms that are invaluable that you would consider keeping in a safe.

A safe is something I usually consider for a business, however with a affordable options for the home it makes so much sense to have a home safe installed for that added peace of mind.

Find out more about City Safes here.

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