A morning tea with a special guest

Did I mention I have a new washing machine?

Well in case you missed it, I got a brand new LG SmartWasher and it’s the best thing EVER! It’s so good I hosted a morning tea to introduce my friends to it – truly! Why should I keep this a secret, I want the world to know how brilliant this machine is.

LG SmartWasher

Granted I went from a very old, small top loader to this HUGE one so anything would have been better 🙂 But there is a lot to like about this LG SmartWasher. So when my friends came over for a morning tea I was busting to show them my shiny new addition. Any excuse to have a morning tea with friends.

LG SmartWasher

I was asked a lot of questions about the LG SmartWasher, mainly around why it’s different to any other top loader and could it be better than a front loader (which a few of my friends already have). So here are the things I like the most about the LG SmartWasher which answered many of their questions.

  • It’s got no oscilator like regular top loaders. This kind of makes it a toploading front loader if you get my drift.
  • It’s huge. It has a 9.5kg capacity so I can get through my washing faster than ever before.
  • It has a smart drum. This is a bit technical but basically the machine has no belts or clutches (which makes washing quieter) and it also operates in a way that protects clothes/fabric wear.
  • It has a built in load sensor. What’s that? Well this is one of my favourite features. The LG SmartWasher automatically detects and measures the laundry load and a microprcessor optimises the washing conditions for you. It works out how much water, detergent and time – I think this is why I think they call it a SMART Washer.
  • It has an on board heater. This saves you hot water because the SmartWasher will heat the water instead of using your hot water.

LG SmartWasher

So was there anything I didn’t like? Well not really, but there were a few things that I noticed that you could consider but none of them were deal breakers.

  • The spin cycle is herculean. By that I mean that this baby can spin, and after some washes the clothes were a bit tangled. Luckily you can select the level of spin – it has five levels: Air Dry; Ultra; High; Mid and Low.
  • Some of the wash cycles are quite long. Again you can change this. I have been using the Cotton Wash pre-set cycle for most of my washes which can take and hour and a half depending on the load size. The length of time doesn’t really faze me because if I wanted to I could adjust it.
  • It’s a very deep tub. That can mean for short people it’s a bit hard to reach down and get those last few pieces of clothes out of the machine.

These things aren’t really negatives and as I said they don’t really effect my (very positive) opinion of the LG Smart Washer.


Just like me, my friends were pretty impressed by the LG SmartWasher. It looks fancy and has heaps of great features. It’s also worth noting that the LG SmartWasher comes with a 10 Year Guarantee so the people at LG are backing their product.

So now I have introduced the LG SmartWasher to my friends it’s time for LG to introduce this fabbo machine to Australia with a launch this Monday

If you are thinking about purchasing a new washing machine then I can recomend the LG SmartWasher. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have so shoot them through 🙂

Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: I received an LG 9.5kg Smartwasher valued at RRP $1499 to facilitate this review and this previous post. I also attended the (launch) media event at my own expense where I was part of a media Q&A session.

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