What’s your dream car?

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My dream car is very different now I’m ‘old’.

I grew up in a small country town and getting your license was a BIG thing. I think it was because that was pretty much the extent of our weekend fun, cruising around town or ‘doing laps’ as it was called. Seems a little sad now but back then it was fun. In a small town there are no trains, buses or public transport and many of your friends live a long way out of town so if you want to visit them you rode your bike or begged your parents for a lift.

I’ve never owned my own car.

By that I mean I have never bought my own car and registered it in my name. We have a family car, but because I’ve never really been a car person, all car-related things are my husbands domain. When I was growing up a few of my friends had cars and I seemed to always be able to hitch a ride with them. Once I moved to the city to study I could hardly afford to live let alone buy a car so I was the queen of public transport. I know Sydney’s public transport so well that when I’m driving somewhere in a car the route I will take is more than likely the one the bus takes to get there.

It’s probably one of my greatest regrets – not being a car person. I don’t have a huge amount of confidence when I drive mainly because I just don’t do it that often. If you ever have to be a passenger in my car don’t panic, I’m not completely hopeless!!

But back to when I was young. The car I dreamed about getting was fancy and something slightly more suited to one. Now, with a large family (something I also never thought I would have) the car I dream about owning is more like a small bus! Even though my family of five needs a large car I would still want something that looked good – who doesn’t?

Land Rover New Discovery Sport

We have been looking around for a new family car for about a year now and my husband wants some kind of truck – with a back to pile rubbish on and what ever. I’m more keen on something like the New Discovery Sport (pictured above and below). I may have to dream a bit longer or until I have a spare $60K, but for this type of car, which has just about everything I could want, that’s pretty much the standard price.

New Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a good looking car and I think I’d look pretty fancy rocking up to the kids weekend soccer game in it.

It’s a long way from the snazzy little car I dreamed about when I was young.

My step father has always wanted a Jag, my eleven year old son wants a Lamborgini but I’m dreaming of a family SUV, what’s your dream car?


Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by the Land Rover New Discovery Sport

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