Not too big, not too small.

A review of the new Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan.

Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan


For the last week I’ve been driving around town in a brand new Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan. Our usual family car is a (very) old ford falcon station wagon, which we call The Green Lemon. It should be self-explanatory but we call it this because it’s old and slowly falling apart. It gets us from A to B but we’ve been looking around for a new family car.

So when I was asked to trial and review the new Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan I was super excited {insert happy dance}. Even on looks alone, the Mirage Sedan wins hands down over The Green Lemon, there’s just no contest.

Review of the new Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan.

What did I like about the Mirage Sedan? Pretty much everything.

What didn’t I like about the Mirage? I had to give it back.

The Mirage Sedan comes in two model variants – base model, the Mirage Sedan ES and the higher spec Mirage Sedan LS. We were road testing the top of the range LS model, and it was pretty impressive.

I was shocked (in a good way) about the price. You can pick up a new Mirage Sedan from between $15,990 – $19,485 (drive away)  – that’s super cheap for what you get.

At first glance you may think it’s too small for a family of five? We have three kids and the youngest is in a car seat so my husband and I were a little sceptical on whether it would be big enough. Again we were pleasantly surprised, there were no space issues fitting us all in and we were all comfy, even with the car seat.

Review of the new Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan.

The kids loved the Mirage. My youngest son said the only thing he didn’t like about the new car was his old car seat 🙂

As I said we’re looking for a new family car and some of the things that matter to us are:

  • Price/value for money
  • Safety
  • Space and storage
  • Convenience and features

So how does the Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan stack up to our family car requirements?

Price/value for money

Like I said before the price is great. For a car like this you would expect to pay much more.

The overall best thing about the Mirage Sedan was fuel efficiency.

You see The Green Lemon chews the juice so when my husband discovered the Mirage Sedan has an ECO mode and a fuel economy of 4.9 litres/100km he was a very happy man. This point alone converted my husband. Prior to picking up the Mirage Sedan my husband had noted the Mirage had a 1.2 L engine (apparently this is a power thing) and he was also concerned with the size. After a week driving the Mirage Sedan (everywhere) we hadn’t even used one ‘bar’ of petrol, something my husband kept chanting “You know we didn’t even use one bar, that’s pretty bl*#dy  good…”


The Mirage Sedan has a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. There are 6 SRS airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags (which come down from the roof) and front driver and passenger airbags. Luckily we didn’t have to use these during our trial but good to know they are there.

The Mirage Sedan is equipped with a choice of three tether anchorage points and two Isofix hooks and will let you fit two child seats easily.


Space and storage

The Mirage Sedan seats five adults comfortably and is surprisingly spacious.

The boot is big.

Pram, shopping or luggage will fit easy peasy. The Mirage Sedan has a large 450 litre boot which I was very impressed with. Overall the Mirage Sedan is not too big but not too small – just like the ad says 🙂


I may just be so used to our old car but the Mirage has some really nifty features. I love, love the keyless operating system! You can have the keys in your pocket or handbag and just press a button to get in. This is super convenient when you have your hands full! I also love the button start/ignition – no key needed.

There’s also Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming and voice control.

All up the Mirage Sedan is a really affordable option if you’re looking for a family car. It has all the mod cons without a huge price tag and amazing fuel efficiency. Great safety features and it’s more spacious than you would think. It’s also nice and easy to drive.

Affordable. Fuel-efficient. Nice to drive.

I want one 🙂

Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan 


Love Mummahh


The Mirage Sedan is designed for families looking for affordability and value for money without compromising on standard features, latest technology, safety and space.  For more information visit the Mirage Sedan Showroom here.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Mitsubishi. I received a Mirage Sedan for a seven day trial to facilitate this review however the opinions expressed are completely my own.



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