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Giggle & Hoot: new and exclusive at ABC Shops

If you have any Giggle and Hoot fans at your house this is your lucky day, well month, because this month ABC Shops have an exclusive range of Giggle and Hoot products arriving in store.

“I lub gibble and hoot”  says Mr 4.

Jimmy Giggle Plush Toy
Jimmy Giggle Plush Toy $29.99


He can actually say it much clearer than this but scrambles his words as he spies all the hootastic goodies he has to road test 🙂 First he reaches for the Jimmy Giggle Plush Toy, Mr 4 loves this. “He’s got his jarmies on” laughs Mr 4. This toy is quite long at 34cm but still easy for little ones to tote around. The Jimmy Giggle plush toy can be found most nights cuddled up in bed with Mr 4 but tonight he is on his way to the Vivid light show in Sydney 🙂

And just so Jimmy Giggle is comfy and warm on his trip into Sydney tonight Mr 4 has him safely inside his Giggle Galaxy Backpack.


Giggle Galaxy Backpack
Giggle Galaxy Backpack $19.99

This backpack is just the right size for Mr 4: not to big, not to small. Its 30cm high x 24cm wide (so the Jimmy Giggle toy sits nicely inside…) It has a really cool oversized motif on the front which is big and shiny – you just want to feel it!. You could tell Mr 4 felt pretty special wearing his back pack as he went on his way tonight 🙂

The Giggle and Hoot Wooden Playroom was a big surprise for me. I didn’t think Mr 4 would be interested… or if it would hold his attention. But I was wrong. Even though it’s quite simple to put together Mr 4 got much enjoyment in placing the wooden pieces in different spots within the playroom scene.

Giggle and Hoot Wooden Playroom
Giggle and Hoot Wooden Playroom $19.99


He created different scenarios and played with the wooden playset much longer than I thought he would. You have to love the imagination of kids 🙂 Mr 4 also loved the Giggle Galaxy Book. It has nice big bright pictures and minimal words (note to parents: excellent bedtime book!!)

The Giggle Galaxy
The Giggle Galaxy $12.99


Last but not least Mr 4 got to watch Giggle and Hoot Present Gigglepaws and Pals. Gigglepaws is Hootabelle’s cat who loves magic, hide and seek and other adventurous activities. The video also includes episodes of other favourites like Play School, Timmy Time, Yo Gabba Gabba and more. For me, I thought it was great value and for Mr 4 he was captivated – win win.


Gigglepaws and Pals DVD $19.99


All these Giggle and Hoot products are bold, bright and colourful which kids love.

My favourite product is the Giggle Galaxy Book, with it’s great illustrations and thick durable cardboard pages – it has become a bedtime favourite 🙂

Mr 4 appears to love them all – no surprises there.


This month, ABC Shops will stock an exclusive range of Giggle and Hoot products. The release of this great new range of specially designed toys, games, clothing, accessories and books will make every day hootastic! For more information visit:  and


There’s also a chance to win a personalised Giggle and Hoot video message and more prizes. Enter #TheGiggleGalaxy Giggle and Hoot Instagram Competition here


Love Mummahh

Disclaimer: I received the following products to road test and review: Jimmy Giggle Plush Toy, Wooden Playset, The Giggle Galaxy Book, The Galaxy Backpack, Gigglepaws and Pals DVD.  I received product but no (cash) payment for this post and the opinions expressed are completely my own and Mr 4’s.

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