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Thinking of something to do this school holidays with the kids? If you are into nature, a thrill seeker, or both then Illawarra treetops is for you.

Well here’s the deal – I’m afraid of heights. Actually I’m petrified, I physically cannot tolerate them, so I didn’t participate in most of the fabulous offerings of Illawarra Treetop Adventures. But my husband and two boys where SUPER excited about our adventure and whilst my daughter didn’t go on the zipline she enjoyed the Tree Tops Walk.

Given I was an onlooker I thought it only fair to my readers that the rest of my family review their experience so you get an honest account from people who actually participated.


Here’s what my husband had to say:

Walk through the beautiful rainforest and take in the breathtaking scenery of the treetop walk, or take a leap of faith and go on the zipline tour which is Australia’s highest zipline and suspension bridges. Both are fascinating and informative tours and all of this is only 70 minutes from Sydney.

We went on the zipline tour, a 40 minute adventure which included 3 ziplines or flying fox’s and 2 suspension bridges. Surprisingly, the suspension bridges were more of a challenge than the zipline, we all thought it would be the other way around. Both are very high up in the canopy, and the guides gave us an insight into the make up of the forest, including pointing out a 260 year old fern that is a descendant from the dinosaur era. As you make your way from tree to tree, landing on suspended platforms, you get a real sense of how high you are as the platforms themselves are very high, and also the mountain is over 700 metres above sea level, this combined makes the view from the treetop walk down to the sea nothing short of spectacular.

The best place to take in the views is from the knights tower on the treetop walk, the knights tower rises 45 metres from the forest floor, the view is amazing, it rises out over the top of the trees, and that gives you an uninterrupted view from the escarpment to the sea.

Here is what my youngest son, age 7, had to say:

I liked the most the very long zipline and got stuck on the zipline and on the walk I saw a lizard.

Here’s what my daughter, aged 11 had to say:

The zipline looked really fun but I was too scared to go on it. But the walk was also scary and fun and I really enjoyed it. The food was divine I had wedges. The souvenir shop had really cool stuff so I got a mood ring. I won’t forget this experience.


Here’s what my oldest son, aged 13 had to say:

Today was full of HIGHS in fact 35 metre highs and no lows. We got to the treetops centre where we were taken into a room named zipline headquarters. In the room we were told what we can and can’t do and were instructed on how to successfully put on the harness. After that we walked to my personal favourite of the day, the zipline.

Here we took a zipline over a 35 metre drop from cloud station to cloud station. It was a thrilling experience and there was an activity included with the zipline called the wooden bridge but in my opinion it should be called the death bridge as I was frightened after that we were reunited with the ground.

Once we completed the activity we walked on the treetop walk and me and dad walked to the top where we enjoyed a scenic view. After all that we enjoyed a lovely lunch and said goodbye to treetops.

Illawarra Fly

Everyone had such a fantastic day and it we were lucky we had glorious weather on the day. If you have some adrenaline junkies in your family I would highly recommend a visit to Illawarra Fly Treetops Adventures. Even if you are afraid of heights like me it is a beautiful part of the world and it was great to see everyone enjoying the adventure!

For more information about all the fun at Illawarra Fly –

School Holiday Activities at Illawarra Fly

These school holidays, make your contribution to one of Australia’s natural rainforests by planting and sponsoring your very own tree at Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures.

Guests to Illawarra Fly can choose a seedling to sponsor to grow into a big, strong tree, ready to graduate into the rainforest. Receive a personalised certificate recognising your Tree Sponsorship and add your name to your adopted seedling so that next time you visit you can see how big it has grown!

All funds raised from the tree sponsorship program will go towards the WILD LIFE Conservation Fund and their commitment to protecting Australia’s unique terrestrial animals and their habitats.

At Illawarra Fly, you can also embrace the explorer in you, go on an exciting adventure through the rainforest and learn what it takes to become an official IFLY Rainforest Ranger! Featuring the Ranger Trail and souvenir Rainforest Ranger booklet and lanyard, the interactive experience will see budding rainforest rangers follow an exciting trail of questions where they can learn all about the region’s diverse flora and fauna, as well as cool facts about Illawarra Fly’s Treetop Walk structure. After completing the Treetop Walk, newly appointed junior rangers (and their parents!) are invited to satisfy their need for speed by completing the attraction’s high flying Zipline Tour! Please note: Zipline Tour comes at an additional cost.

The award winning Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures is one of Australia’s premier treetop walk and the highest Zipline Tour in Australia. With stunning views, guided tours, a visitor centre and cafe, the Fly is a great place for a day out for families! For more information, or to book online and save, visit

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Where: 182 Knights Hill Road, Knights Hill NSW 2577

When: September School Holidays!

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm

Price: For best price book online. Walk up price for treetop walk: Adult $25 and Child $15.

Contact: For general enquiries please call 1300 362 881 or visit

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