Interior Lighting

Making interior spaces unique with lighting


There are many ways to make your space unique using interior lights at Urban Lighting.

With so many different options, it is really up to your creative flair. The type of lighting options will depend on your interior space and your budget  . One of the quickest and easiest ways to change a room with lighting is to add a lamp. It doesn’t require an electrician or anything tricky, and there are so many amazing lamps to choose from. A tall lamp is the perfect option for an open space or corner area, and can act as a statement piece within the room. A desk lamp or feature lamp on a table or sideboard can also create a different mood and look, depending on the space.

Below, left to right: Crossover Black Metal Crossover Lamp and the Painted Metal X Table Lamp



Looking for a real statement?

A little more involved but totally worth it are pendant lights. One of my favourite looks is the low hanging pendant placed over a table or a side table. Again, the type of pendant you choose will depend on the space and the look you are going for. I am a real fan of copper but also love a bit of bling!

Below (clockwise from top left): Atrium Pendant, Acid Wash Copper Dome Pendant, Crown Pendant, Mallory Pendant




There are subtle options that can make a real impact.

From adding wall mounts or strip lights, there are a few subtle techniques that can really enhance a room. Lighting such as these can be a real feature on their own without being overstated. Strip lights are great under benches and along ceiling troughs and are usually available at custom lengths.

Below (clockwise from top left): Aurora Plastic Wall Light, Candy Round Plaster Wall Light, Eclipse Strip Light



Adding lighting to an interior can really change the look and feel of the space. It can add mood, warmth or even statement or central focus piece to a room. Urban Lighting has many options to choose from for both interior and exterior lighting solutions to help create your unique space.

Love Mummahh

This post was in collaboration with Urban Lighting. All images courtesy of Urban Lighting.



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