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Meet Mim by Sandra Severgnini

Dive down into the world of the sandy seabed and observe the clever transformations of a very tricky sea creature.

Sandra Severgnini has released an exciting new picture book Meet Mim. Sandra Severgnini is the author and illustrator of the CBCA shortlisted Grub, and Illustrator of the award‐winning Tree Beings.

This new picture book, Meet Mim is full of beautiful illustrations which takes the reader on an undersea journey to find out exactly what sea creature Mim is. Not only full of gorgeous illustrations of the natural environment deep beneath the waves, it is educational, showcasing the abilities of the little-known mimic octopus which I had never heard of, so I learnt something new! If you have a little one who loves the ocean and sea creatures, this sweet book will take you on a guessing game to meet Mim and learn all about the mimic octopus.

Meet Mim
Beautiful illustration from Meet Mim by Sandra Severgnini

A master of disguise the mimic octopus can change colour, shape and skin texture in all kinds of amazing ways. It deters predators by shape‐shifting into creatures that are known to be poisonous, such as the spiked lionfish and the banded sea snake. It can even imitate jellyfish and sea stars.

Hatchling marine biologists will delight in the wealth of accurate detail presented in the illustrations. Adult and child readers alike will be left with a new appreciation for the life in our precious yet threatened marine environments.

Meet Mim is available from and wherever great books are sold. Recommended for children aged 4‐8 years. RRP $24.99

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