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Saving time with Lite n’ Easy

Saving time with Lite n’ Easy – With our busy lives, eating well can be quite tricky and time consuming.

The key to eating well, in my opinion, is preparation and meal planning. If you can take the time to not only plan your meals but also prepare them in advance you can ensure that you are eating nutritious, portion controlled healthy options. But most of the time, especially with a large family, this is extremely hard to do all the time. I’m pretty good at meal planning and preparation for myself but when I add my husband and three kids into the mix, I can plan the meals but usually only manage to prepare a few (slow cooked curry or soup) to freeze for future meals.

I’ve used Lite n’ Easy on and off for many years and have always found it tasty, convenient and cost effective.

The lovely people at Lite n’ Easy offered me a two week trial of the 1200 Calorie Meal Plan which I graciously accepted. If you have ever considered Lite n Easy but were unsure what to expect, well read on because in this post I will explain how the whole Lite n’ Easy thing works.

Lite n’ Easy offer a variety of meal plans which you can modify to suit your dietary and lifestyle requirements. You can choose from the 1200, 1500 or 1800 calorie meal plans, which one you choose will depend on various things such as whether you want to lose weight (where you would choose a lower calorie plan) or maybe you just want convenience (where you would choose a higher calorie plan). Once you’ve decided the calories, you can then choose from a range of options:

  • number of days you want (5 or 7 days)
  • whether you want breakfast, lunch & dinners, or one or the other, or a combination

That’s one of the great things about Lite n’ Easy – you can make it work in with your life.

So you’ve decided what meal plan, and you are ready for delivery. Lite n’ Easy will deliver to your area on a specific day and if needed you can give instructions to the driver, for example I live in a gated complex of villas so I needed to let the driver know where to put the delivery if I wasn’t home to let him in.

Lite n Easy review

The day has come and your Lite n’ Easy delivery has arrived. It will come in a big white box with dry ice inside which will keep everything cool for up to eight hours (in a shady spot).

Below is a picture of the contents of the Lite n’ Easy box. There is bags of frozen, and bags of refrigerated, plus the 7 dinners which stay in the freezer. I usually put two containers in the fridge – one for breakfasts and one for lunches.

Lite n Easy Review

As you can see everything is clearly labelled for each day, in fact it couldn’t be easier!

Because I work five days a week, Lite n’ Easy makes it really easy to pack my lunch the night before so I can just grab it out of the fridge/freezer on my way to work. Each meal has clear instructions for preparation. After work I will head to the gym and sometimes won’t make it home till about 7.30 – 7.45pm so it’s good to have a quick, easy option for dinner when I get home. It also means that my husband and three kids don’t have to wait for me to get home to have their dinner.

Lite n Easy meals

On the Lite n’ Easy meal plans you have breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Above are some of the breakfast and lunch options I had during the two weeks. Eggs Florentine, pizza, BLT and lemon grass chicken – all super delicious!! One thing you will notice with Lite n Easy is the portion sizes, if you are used to eating your plate piled high you will notice that these meals are smaller but I didn’t find them less filling.

I was asked a lot “Does the food fill you up?” and the answer is yes.

I never once was hungry during the two weeks. I found all the meals easy to prepare and delicious and I sometimes couldn’t finish my dinner! The best thing for me about Lite n’ Easy is the convenience and time saving. Having all my meals prepared gives me more time to do other things. More time with my friends and family and less time shopping for food and cooking meals.

I didn’t check my weight for this 2 week trial, but I have previously lost up to 8 kilos (over a a couple of months) whilst on Lite n’ Easy, so I know that it works for weight loss. I also think that its great value for money, the 7 Day 1200 Calorie Meal Plan I was on cost $144, which is just over $20 a day – for everything (except a little bit of milk)

So my verdict – Lite n’ Easy is convenient, time saving and a great value for money way to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy eating plan.

To find out more about Lite n Easy visit or connect with them on their Facebook page.


Love Mummahh

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